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Life Lessons: The bottom line

It’s been almost 2 months since things got a little turned upside down. Some days are better than others and I find that I’m more in tune with everything; I feel everything. That couple walking down the street, songs on my iPod, words in a book, inspirational quotes on Pinterest – it’s all real and things easily get stuck in my mind – good or bad. I’m learning to lean into these feelings and to not run and hide.

I still struggle. A lot. And some days I feel absolutely pathetic and useless. Other days I’m surprised by my own laughter. Today, I was comfortably and/or awkwardly floating on that fine line when I stumbled across an article. I don’t know why I clicked, but I did and read about 5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Break Up. I quickly scanned and thought I’d wasted my time until I read #5 and as much I would never want to admit it, I do realize I wasn’t getting the love I deserved. I was definitely giving more than I was getting. So here’s their bottom line, for love and for life I think:

Work hard to be the best partner you can be, even if this particular relationship isn’t the right one for you. That way you can always walk away knowing you put in all you could and have no, or as few, regrets as possible.

So this is me slowly walking away (because I’m still learning to let go). No regrets.


Runway looks IRL

I admit, I get a little excited when fashion week rolls around. Not because I’m a mega fashionista, but because I like to see what’s new and different out there. I also try and challenge myself to incorporate something funky into my style because even the smallest change really stands out in a DC crowd.

Refinery 29 just put out this beauty edition of Runway vs. Real Girl and I had to share it with you because it made me LOL. Incorporating the runway styles into everyday wear was fun and admirable, but I loved the social experiment even more. So without further ado – eye feathers by Prabal Gurang on the runway and IRL!

The runway look…

The real girl look…

The social experiment lol…


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