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Weekend review: Dog love

Last September, one of my good friends moved to Boston. I was happy for her because she was starting a new chapter in her life, but also sad as she was my hiking buddy and she took her pup, Sophie with her. Rude.

But last weekend, I went to visit said friend, Sophie, and do a little Paddy’s Day celebrating in Southie like a local. This visit also meant I could cuddle with Sophie!

photo 1(9)

I was actually really excited for the change in city and the change in pace as compared to my previous weekend shenanigans. Instead of being a lush, we were outdoorsy and did several hikes in the North Boston area.

photo 2(8)

There was still plenty of snow on the ground, but it was manageable. It was also good training for my knee. I’m finally comfortable enough to get out there and do more rigorous activities…and not a moment too soon! But of course after every hike, there was always a bit of cuddle time. Sophie really has mastered the selfie…

photo 4(5)

After 2 relaxed days of hiking, nomming, and catching up we headed to South Boston on Sunday for the St. Patrick’s Day parade and to hang out with some of her friends. Her friends had a townhouse right on the parade route – talk about an amazing view! Nothing beats a good Sunday session!

photo 3(9)

It only took me 2 days into this week to feel rested and back to normal, but it was worth every minute. Tiny hats ftw!


Life: Moments of Happiness

Earlier this year, I read Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and fell in love with a lot of her great concepts. Not that I was unhappy at the time, but I think you have to be self-aware to really be the best version of yourself. When I picked up her book in January, I also snagged her journal which I’ve been dutifully writing in every day for almost 9 months. It has made all the difference in truly remembering what this year has been about.

I also subscribed to her daily Moment of Happiness newsletter and today I received this:

Perhaps this sounds very simple, but simple things are always the most difficult. In actual life it requires the greatest discipline to be simple, and the acceptance of oneself is the essence of the moral problem and the epitome of a whole outlook upon life.
– C. G. Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul

This past weekend, I’ve really been trying to un-complicate things. To simplify my feelings so I can allow myself to heal. I loved that this quote assured me that just because it’s simplified, doesn’t mean it’s any easier.

But in an effort to take a step back and to find those true moments of happiness, I thought I’d share this photo from Sunday’s walk with Sophie and her human. She was chasing rocks in Sligo Creek (I tried to embed a short video from Instagram, but failed. You can watch it here.)


This was probably one of our last walks as they prepare to move to Boston on Friday and it was reaffirmed for me that change is exciting. It’s thrilling and invigorating. And this is a simple moment in my own life that brought happiness, having a true friend to confide in and to hold me accountable. And of course, the puppy cuddles from Sophie didn’t hurt either.

So, am I there yet? Not by a long shot, but at least I’m not teetering at the top of the roller coaster anymore. I’ve made progress in acceptance and have a conviction that each day I’ll choose joy and look for those moments of happiness.

Weekend review: Hiking with Tessie

This past weekend, I got to puppy sit one of my all time favorite pups, Tessie. She’s part hound and just needs to run and exercise; otherwise, she kind of loses it and gets stir crazy. So when I made plans for the long weekend, I made sure to include Tessie-friendly activities.

On Saturday, I went hiking with Sophie and her human. We’re regular hiking buddies, but it was a little different this time since I had Tessie. We went to Great Falls on the Maryland side and totally rocked Billy Goat B and C paths which put our day’s total at just over 6 miles. We skipped Billy Goat A since you can’t take dogs on that trail, but we still got some great views.

It’s amazing to see dog’s communicate and to watch how they show each other stuff. Tessie is apparently a total chicken when it comes to water; where as Sophie is part fish. The first beach area we spotted, Sophie was just waiting to chase rocks and sticks and Tessie just wasn’t sure…


But after a few romps and some encouragement from Sophie, Tessie got her paws wet and even went up to her chest at one point.


Which gave me time to enjoy the scenery a bit more and take in this view…

By the end of our hiking day, Tessie was leading us and letting us know she wanted to play in the water a bit more. Of course by the time we finished 6 miles, all she wanted to do was lay down in the back of the car. Sweet pup 🙂

On Sunday, my sister and I had made plans to hike Old Rag but since we both weren’t sure if we were up for the 8 mile loop and rock scramble, we opted for a less intense hike and one where we could bring Tessie along. This time we headed out to Fountainhead National Park in Fairfax, Virginia. Totally different to Great Falls, this trail was definitely in a more wooded area with fewer watering holes. There was no rock scrambling, but there were some hills that put the cardio in cardiovascular. We did a 6 mile in and out hike. Here we are at 3 miles just before we looped back:


I don’t think Tessie could believe her luck at all the running, sniffing, and exploring she got to do this past weekend. I was pretty impressed myself. I just gotta say I’m loving all the hiking I’ve been doing this year and the old knee isn’t complaining either!

Weekend review: Boston

No throwback Thursday today, I gotta fill you in on the excitement from the weekend. It’s been a busy few weeks, but this past weekend we (BF, BF’s sister and brother, and BF’s friend from home) all went up to Boston for a few days.

Since my boss lives in Marblehead, just outside the city, I decided to head up a few days early, spending a total of 5 days in Beantown. I was seriously impressed with the city and surprisingly not overwhelmed which tells me how much I’ve grown since moving to the DC area. So, to make this easy for us all, let’s count it down!

5. Duck Tour

We had a few people tell us that no matter what we did in Boston, we HAD to do the Duck Tour. I wanted to be impressed and I wanted to tell you all the cool things I learned about Boston, but in the end I was disappointed. Yes, we were on an actual WWII duck (not a replica) which meant that I was sitting on a piece of history, but because the loch was being let out, the current was too much for us to see the city from the water. WHAT?! Yep, we went in and then we came right back out. LAME! I did get a few good pics and we had our craic (“quack!”), but all in all, I’d probably ask for my money back if I could.

Isn’t BF cute when he catches the sun? That’s him with some color. Red IS a color. 😀

4. Salem

Before the lads came up, I visited Salem with my boss. She took me all around showing me witch shops,  telling me all about the Halloween festivities, how you can walk the witches trail (probably not the official name), and see where the witch trials took place. I was crazy fascinated. I’ve already decided that if I can’t make it to Salem this Halloween, it’s going on the list for 2014! I mean, check out this shop… and this is NORMAL!


There was also a really cool bookshop there that looked like this on the inside:


And it was surprisingly organized. This was the thriller section. I kind of/totally geeked out.

3. Marblehead

I’ve only visited Marblehead once before and I remember it being pretty, but I forgot how breathtaking it was. This is what New England does best:


And my boss has a pup named, Brownie. He was too cute for words, see…

2. Boston nightlife

It’s not a night out in Boston with the Irish if you don’t make the rounds to all the pubs and clubs. We didn’t make it to South Boston where all the Irish live, but we made our own fun in and around the city.

1. Everything in between

And the best part of the weekend away? All the funny jokes that pop up when you have that many people together. There was some amount of antics to be had and I smile just thinking about all the fun we had. Here is a random photo that I find amusing, even without context.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend starting tomorrow.

Life: A tribute to Elvy

For Crankypants: a tribute to the one and only, Vox/interwebs sensation…Elvy. Goodbye furry friend.

Elvy butt, so what?


Shmoooooches from Cranky.


Me trying to get in on the fun. Elvy not having it.


Classic Elvy.


Crankypants – I hope you don’t mind the trip down memory lane as I had to dig through the Vox archives for these photos. 2007 just didn’t seem that long ago until I did the math!



Weekend review: Puppy playtime

The past 2 weekends have been go, go, go and so I was very excited to have a weekend where the only thing on my agenda was to relax. I also happen to be taking care of a friend’s pup, so combine that with a weekend just for me and you’ll get nothing but hikes and puppy playtime.

When I get my own pup, I hope he loves swimming just as much as Sophie:


Or maybe he’ll love rock and stick chasing in the woods. Can you spot the camo-dog?


Not too surprisingly, I just can’t wait to have my own pup that says, ‘Hai! You ready to play?’


Weekend review: Bridesmaid duties

This weekend, I made the trek down to NC to not only visit my mom, but to also fit in some much needed time with my friend Kat, who is getting married in August. Much to my delight, she’s asked me to be a part of her wedding.

This is the first time I’ll be a bridesmaid for a dear friend and I’m beyond excited. I must admit though, that while I love the excitement of dress shopping and bachelorette parties, I’m equally glad that I don’t have to deal with the wedding stress and finances. For me, it’s all stuffing save the dates, critiquing dresses, and planning bridal showers. And there was definitely no shortage of that this weekend.

Most of the weekend was spent with a glass of wine in hand, snuggling puppies, and catching up with Kat’s mom who is like my second mom. See…


However, on Sunday we ventured out for a bit of dress shopping.  And now, a montage of dresses; none of which were “the one”…


Just to make it all more exciting, Charleston is the bachelorette party destination (and June’s adventure) and I get to go cake tasting with Kat on Wednesday! Nom, nom, nom.


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