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Family: The Wee-Yins Part 2

In 2012, I shared a few pictures of my nieces and nephews, taking absolute pride and joy that I was indeed an auntie. I also loved that I got to see each  munchkin right as they had been born. A year later, there was a new addition to the family but because the family lives in England, I wasn’t able to cuddle this cutie until now. Meet Georgina!

photo 1(14)

Number 4 (of 5) is also my god-daughter. I’ve never been a god-parent and I can’t honestly say I really know what that entails, but I plan on snuggling and spoiling her rotten (as I do with ALL the kiddos). She is so much the spit-image of my sister it cracks me up. I want a mini-me! Haha.

And then nearly 2 weeks ago, we welcomed yet another cuddle bug to the family. This is Gabriel and the youngest brother to Matthew and Maddie. I can’t believe how tiny he is. So wee, so fragile, so perfect.

photo 2(14)

I’d be willing to bet my mama-clock is on overdrive and I have a little bit of baby fever (how could you not around these cuties?), but I love these kids to the moon and back. I can’t wait to watch them grow into tiny little humans. Aren’t they just the sweetest? Clearly, not biased at all!


Weekend review: Hometown Weddings

Last week, I spent time in North Carolina with my family and at the weekend I celebrated my childhood friend’s wedding. I know everyone will say all weddings are beautiful, but this one was truly gorgeous.

The couple had included so many small details, that I couldn’t help but smile the whole day. The ceremony itself was particularly lovely as it combined American and Filipino wedding traditions; however, my favorite part had to be that the groom wore a grape soda pin (like from the movie UP), which was a gift from the bride, because it was their thing to always say Adventure’s out there! *swoon*

My only criticism of the day was that it all ended too soon, but I guess that’s small towns for ya. And we know the bride and groom had much more important activities on their agenda. 😉

Here’s the bride all ready to walk down the aisle:


And a gratuitous selfie before I walked down the aisle:

But enough of that, here are a few after everyone said ‘I do!’:


And it wouldn’t have been a lovely night out without my boo:

ps. Did I mention I caught the bouquet? 😉

Adventure’s out there!

Food: Bridal Shower noms

This past weekend, I was in full party planning mode. It was finally time to put all my skills to the test as I hosted a bridal shower for 30 people. I was stressed to say the least and I was exhausted after driving 5 hours to North Carolina and preparing all the foodies on minimal sleep. But everything flowed and the bride-to-be had an amazing day. I was so overwhelmed that I only managed to snag one pic of the special lady and her future sister-in-law before all the guests arrived, at the Bellini bar, of course:


But, I did manage to capture all the foodie noms to share with you. I have to admit, I was really proud. A lot of the items you’ve seen before and a few are new, but all are crazy simple. So if you need a few party nom ideas, here you go:


The dining table was pretty much the holy grail of tasty treats, click through for a few of the recipes:

Everything else above is pretty self-explanatory, pinching some of the ideas from other bloggers or Pinterest. Probably the cutest was the Peanut Butter Spoons which featured mini chocolates to give you a mouthful of delight.

Any in case your mouth wasn’t watering already, another view of the Haystacks and PB Spoons; plus close-ups of the Caprese Salad Sticks and Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes.


But no Southern bridal shower is complete without…Deviled Eggs! 48 to be exact, minus the few missing that had already been nommed. And of course, cheese, crackers, chips, and snack mix.


And no matter how good the food is, don’t forget simple party decorations. We’re not fancy, so I opted for streamers and balloons. It all just worked for me and the bride-to-be loved it too which made it worth the effort and the stress.


She said, and I quote, “This has been the best bridal shower I’ve ever been to!” It could have been the Bellini bar or the fact that we all went to a winery after for a tasting, but I have to admit as well, it was the best I’d ever been to as well! 🙂

Stay tuned for pictures from the wedding this coming weekend, which starts August’s adventure of 2 wedding extravaganzas!

Throwback Thursday: Best friend

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by the letters BFF. On Tuesday, I met up with one of my friends here in DC since she was in town for a conference. I met a lot of her PA school friends and they all wanted to know how long we’d been friends. We both looked at each other, laughed, and said since the womb.


Clearly, we aren’t twins, but we are both April babies and minus those first few months of life, we’ve been friends since before we can remember. We grew up together in pre-school, attended the same elementary, middle, and high school. And somehow through it all, when I fell away from hometown life and broke the rules by finding something bigger out in the world (and myself), we stayed friends.

She is my salsa buddy. My I’ve really fucked it up now confidant. My sass-mouth partner. My We’ll fix it friend. One of my very best friends.

I didn’t stay in touch with a lot of people from home, but she’s the kind of friend you will always be able to pick up where you left off.

So grab your BFF and jam with Brandy and her Best Friend track off her self-titled album, released in 1994.

Weekend review: Bridesmaid duties

This weekend, I made the trek down to NC to not only visit my mom, but to also fit in some much needed time with my friend Kat, who is getting married in August. Much to my delight, she’s asked me to be a part of her wedding.

This is the first time I’ll be a bridesmaid for a dear friend and I’m beyond excited. I must admit though, that while I love the excitement of dress shopping and bachelorette parties, I’m equally glad that I don’t have to deal with the wedding stress and finances. For me, it’s all stuffing save the dates, critiquing dresses, and planning bridal showers. And there was definitely no shortage of that this weekend.

Most of the weekend was spent with a glass of wine in hand, snuggling puppies, and catching up with Kat’s mom who is like my second mom. See…


However, on Sunday we ventured out for a bit of dress shopping.  And now, a montage of dresses; none of which were “the one”…


Just to make it all more exciting, Charleston is the bachelorette party destination (and June’s adventure) and I get to go cake tasting with Kat on Wednesday! Nom, nom, nom.

Family: the wee-yins

In 2009, I started a daily photo project. I never technically finished it for 2 reasons:

  1. My camera died 2 weeks before the full year mark.
  2. I still post pics on a regular basis 3 years later (just not daily). So yes, my cliche photo blog is still kickin – see here!

Today, I was looking back through the archives when I noticed a few pics of my niece and nephews. It seems I have a pic of all 3 just after they were born. Sure that’s not terribly abnormal, but I feel lucky to have them since all of us live in different states (and 1 in a different country). Call me a proud auntie, but here’s a wee walk down memory lane…

2009: Met Matthew for the first time. He liked to nom and then sleep, just like Auntie M!

2010: Found out I was going to be an auntie again…and again! Also pictured: Izzy & Kathryne.

2011: First came Madeleine in the summer.

2011: And then Lewis in the fall. Also pictured: Izzy and Mama.

A year later and Matthew is now 3, Maddy is 1, and Lewis just turned 1. Proud auntie indeed.

Weekend review: At home

Last week on Tuesday, I made a last minute decision to travel home for my 10 year high-school reunion. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to, but I did know that I’d probably regret it if I didn’t make the journey. As it turns out, I’m really glad I did. You’d be surprised at how much people can change in 10 years. In truth, I shouldn’t have been surprised given how much I’ve changed in 10 years.

I graduated with 160 classmates, but only 30 or so showed up. It was a little disappointing, but I was glad to reconnect with those that were there.

After the reunion on Saturday, BF and I got to spend lots of time with my mom. She has fed us until our bellies can hold no more – a true Southern tradition. And my fave part of all the foodies?…homemade strawberry ice cream! OM NOM NOM

ps. I love how graceful and elegant my mom’s hand looks in this pic. Maybe in another life, she was a hand model 🙂


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