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khlomar on eBay

Khloe Kardashian updated her status to let the world know that she’s selling a dress she wore at the DASH Miami opening on eBay.

Things I like about this:

  1. Selling stuff on eBay makes her seem real to me. Sure, her fame was fathomed from thin air, but she’s still famous. We’re talking about her, aren’t we?
  2. A portion of all eBay proceeds go to a charity. That’s nice.
  3. It makes total sense. Celebs don’t get to wear stuff twice anyways, might as well let the rest of us enjoy it.
  4. This dress is listed as a size 8 as are most of her other listings. Why do people say she’s fat? Oh yeah, because she’s tall. Tall or not, size 8 is not fat.

For more listings, visit their eBay page. And fellas, you can even pick up some sweet styles from Lamar Odom. Of course, that’s assuming you wear a size 15 shoe!



Kardashian confessions

Confession: I love the Kardashian clan. I watch their realty TV show(s). I follow their gossip (thanks US weekly). I even get into conversations based solely on the activities of their daily lives with colleagues. Stop judging me.

In truth, I’m not really big on reality TV, it’s just that I admire the empire they’ve managed to build. Yes, KimK made it big off a sex tape and the whole family is beyond high maintenance (yes, even little Mason), but they took nothing and turned it into something. And for that reason, I flock to all things Kardashian like kids flock to a piece of dirt and hair covered candy on the floor.

One of the latest Kardashian ventures has been a clothing line at Sears, even recently launching a second round of styles. For someone who loves fashion and loves the Kardashians, I was a little excited. I even went into Sears just to see the Kollection first hand. I texted friends who would share in my excitement, but after I saw the double K sign, it all faded. I admit, it was fun to see styles that represented each of the sisters and I could tell which item was “definitely Kim” or “soooo Kourtney”, but I was surprised at the lack of wearable styles that these divas had created and put on sale.

Just like every runway model doesn’t represent the average girl, the Kardashians don’t rep every Jenny from the block, but their clothing line would suggest otherwise. We may have hips, but we don’t have the ass to support it. We may love maxi dresses, but that design isn’t fooling anybody. And more importantly, we may love pirates, but that doesn’t mean we want to dress like one…

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I wouldn’t normally point fingers at individual sisters, but Khloe we all know Exhibit B was your doing.



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