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Life: The View

In 2008, I went to T in the Park. I was nearly crushed in the crowd trying to see The View. I never actually saw their set and since then, I’ve been patiently waiting for 5 years. Last night, I got my chance in a tiny venue here in DC called DC9. The View haven’t made it big just yet in the US, but more than deserve the spoils of fame as they are brilliant performers.

I was jittery going in to the club since the tour bus door opened right as I got to the entrance of DC9. Looking back to see the band, I only saw a random guy with a vacuum. So you can imagine my complete and utter surprise to find The View sitting at the bar having a few pre-show drinks. I was gobsmacked. Star-struck. Giddy with excitement. I smiled at Kyle, the front-man, and I’m telling myself he smiled back. I turned to BF and mouthed, ‘THAT’S THEM!’ in what I imagine to be a very overt manner.

I wanted to go up to them and say that I was a fan. To say I’d been itching to see them perform since 2008. To offer to buy them a drink, but instead I sat there on a bar stool with a stupid grin on my face and never said anything. I racked my brain for something clever, for something Scottish. I had nothing and completely missed my chance. I’ve been kicking myself all morning and I was actually mad at myself last night. I think BF thought I was nuts as I went on and on about it.

I didn’t get my chance to hobnob with the soon-to-be rich & famous, but I did see them perform a stellar set with about 40 other people. Talk about a drastic change from the last time I tried to see them, but I loved it. Getting up close or snagging floor tix in a large venue is brilliant, but standing 5 feet away from a great band is memorable. And now, a few photos.

The set list – literally so close. Kyle actually handed it to the guy standing in front of me after the show. I was a little jealous.


3 of 4 performing at DC9:


And here’s one of Kyle. I pinched the guitar pick left on the mic stand after the show. What? 🙂


So needless to say, if you see The View coming to your area definitely take the time to check them out. Here’s a tune to end the post, because it’s how they ended the gig:


khlomar on eBay

Khloe Kardashian updated her status to let the world know that she’s selling a dress she wore at the DASH Miami opening on eBay.

Things I like about this:

  1. Selling stuff on eBay makes her seem real to me. Sure, her fame was fathomed from thin air, but she’s still famous. We’re talking about her, aren’t we?
  2. A portion of all eBay proceeds go to a charity. That’s nice.
  3. It makes total sense. Celebs don’t get to wear stuff twice anyways, might as well let the rest of us enjoy it.
  4. This dress is listed as a size 8 as are most of her other listings. Why do people say she’s fat? Oh yeah, because she’s tall. Tall or not, size 8 is not fat.

For more listings, visit their eBay page. And fellas, you can even pick up some sweet styles from Lamar Odom. Of course, that’s assuming you wear a size 15 shoe!


Just another grumpy Monday…

It was never my intention to start Monday off in a bad mood; in fact, I’m not really in a bad mood. I just have a nagging feeling that I need to blurt nonsense out to officially get it out of my system.

This weekend was so blah and I felt really frustrated for at least 75% of the time. I wasn’t stressed, I wasn’t angry, I was just annoyed and I put myself in a bad mood for at least 48 hours. So here it is, my nonsense…

#1 – Snubbed

For the past 2 years, I’ve tried really hard to make friends in DC (specifically by joining a sports club). It sucks here, because in a transient city where no one sticks around, it’s hard to make friends. It’s even harder when you don’t work in an office. And it’s damn near impossible, when the people you have tried to be friends with for the past 2 years still find ways to make you feel like you’re 14 and insignificant…like when you’re not invited to a birthday party that pretty much everyone else in the club is invited to. I don’t know if it was intentional and I know it shouldn’t matter, but it does. It matters because I truly and honestly feel as if I’ve tried really hard (not in that awkward teen movie kind of way) and put in my dues as a relatively new member of the team; yet, somehow I’m still snubbed. And I find myself extremely annoyed that I don’t know why. I wish someone would just tell me and then at least I would know…

What’s worse, is that even though I’m snubbed I find myself still being polite and wishing people happy birthday or taking interest in their lives because that’s the right thing to do…right?

#2 – Taking steps back

I’ve also worked really hard this past year to not care about being snubbed and really focusing on valuable friends. This weekend, I felt like I took 5 steps back. I cared and I cared too much.

#3 – Not going to plan

Sometimes shit just hits the fan and there’s nothing you can do to control it. This Sunday, BF and I were supposed to go to a trampoline class that I got him for V-day as something fun and random to do. BF then tweaks his back while doing nothing overly strenuous. I know he didn’t do it on purpose (how could you?), but this was the one thing I was looking forward to this weekend after feeling like crap. The only bright side of it was that the company (who has a very strict cancellation policy) gave me a refund due to his injury and I was able to save the money spent and we can do it another time.

There was seriously nothing that could put a smile on my face yesterday and while I was a big mope yesterday, 2 more bitchy thoughts popped into my head as BF and I watched Drive and scoped out Oscar buzz on the interwebs.

#4 – Ugly knees

What was wrong with Angelina Jolie’s knee? She’s not fat nor has she ever been, so she shouldn’t have weird ‘I used to be fat’ knee sags, right?

#5 – Don’t watch Drive

Who said this was a good movie? Everyone that mentioned it to me said it was a great flick. Did they even watch it? It was terrible and glad we only paid $1.27 on Redbox. It needed MORE words and LESS head bludgeoning. I think I’ll start reconsidering friends who give out crappy movie references.

That is all.

YN2K: You need to know

Most people live their lives on a ‘need to know basis’. I’m really no different.

Lots of exciting things have happened this week, 1 event in particular wouldn’t really make an exciting blog, but 5 events makes for a fantastic blog in this edition of YN2K!

There have been a lot of tornadoes in my area this week. Nothing like Alabama, but yesterday’s ‘watch’ turned to ‘warning’ today. The skies are so dark. Strangely enough, my gaelic football team is still anticipating practice tonight.

My triathlon is officially 18 days away. I don’t really know if I’m ready, but I know I’m going to try and whether or not I finish in the allotted time or not, I will FINISH! 750 m swim, 18 mi bike, 5k run

I’m going to New York this weekend. I’ll see my first real gaelic match at Gaelic Park – NY vs. Roscommon!

I got my newish camera in the mail this week. After months of trying to replace a most beloved camera that died the good old fashioned way from too much use (and not being dropped at a bar), I finally had an epiphany to just buy that exact camera off ebay since it wasn’t available in stores anymore. For just $70, it was a dream come true. Here is my latest of Tessie, taken the day I got the camera in the mail. 

On Monday, I met DC renowned Top Chef, Spike Mendelsohn, of Good Stuff Eatery and We, the Pizza. People outside my bubble weren’t as impressed with the celebrity siting, but that didn’t diminish my OMFG moment. See, I’m cheesin’ from ear to ear.


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