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Throwback Thursday: Toadies

As a little nod to my weekend plans, I’m just going to leave this here. Released in 1995; to be relived on Sunday.


Throwback Thursday: Say what?

I’m in a restless mood today. In fact, I’ve been restless for nearly a week now so I can’t commit to just one song today. I started with the Cranberries, then went to Eiffel 65, and somehow circled back to Aqua – but none were speaking to me. So here’s a little compilation of misheard lyrics from some great 90’s songs.

Roll on the weekend!



Throwback Thursday: TLC-mania

Taking a break from the travel selfies, let’s give a nod to one of my fave 90’s artists that have *surprisingly* come up a lot in conversation this week. So here you go, here’s a little bit of TLC and ‘What About Your Friends’ (released in 1992).


Throwback Thursday: B.i.t.c.h.

Today’s post features Meredith Brooks and her catchy tune, B.i.t.c.h., from 1997. Holla!

This video also comes with a little story and isn’t snide commentary on someone else’s behavior, but rather my own and how we all change as the years roll on. It’s not an exact fit, but for some reason when I tried to think up a 90’s tune to match the story below, this is what came to mind.

Maybe because of the ‘I’m a little bit of everything, all rolled into one’ lyric. So please, do enjoy this story, because ain’t nobody perfect. You just do the best you can, grow up, and move on…

Today, I was out running in Marblehead, MA (as I’m up visiting my boss before a long weekend in Boston) and I ran into an old “friend”. I put that word in quotes because I don’t really know if that’s the right word to describe us.

We were friends, good friends. We studied abroad together in Australia and did lots of laughing together, but then she met a fella and fell in love super fast and got married so they could be together. I, of course, let my concerns be known and as you can guess, that didn’t go down well. But then I grew up and a few years later I realized that my opinion didn’t have to matter as long as she was happy; so I did the adult thing and apologized.

She still lived in Australia at the time, so I sent her a message taking responsibility for my mistakes/opinions. Her response was to simply delete me off Facebook. That hurt, but you move on as I had done what I could and had controlled my part of the situation. She had every right to react the way she did, I just couldn’t feel bad about it anymore.

When I bumped into her today after 5 years, we were very friendly towards each other and she even gave me a hug. There was no ‘Let’s catch up!’ or ‘It’s been way too long.’, but I did get a sense that any bad blood had been reduced to water under the bridge (at least on my side) and while we may never be friends again, I do realize that the universe has a very good sense of humor.

If anything, there’s a little more good ju-ju in the world today.

Throwback Thursday: Ex-boyfriends

In 1991, Pearl Jam released their debut album, Ten, and it included ‘Jeremy’.

In 1998, I got my first EVAR boyfriend. His name was also Jeremy. This wasn’t our jam by any means (that was some Goo-Goo dolls song), but I do like to draw that parallel, albeit weak.

90’s grunge is the perfect stress reliever and this week, I needed to post something a little grunge.  I was going to throw some Marilyn Manson at you, but decided that was maybe a little TOO heavy, so I went with Pearl Jam instead. You’re welcome.


Throwback Thursday: Best friend

Today’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by the letters BFF. On Tuesday, I met up with one of my friends here in DC since she was in town for a conference. I met a lot of her PA school friends and they all wanted to know how long we’d been friends. We both looked at each other, laughed, and said since the womb.


Clearly, we aren’t twins, but we are both April babies and minus those first few months of life, we’ve been friends since before we can remember. We grew up together in pre-school, attended the same elementary, middle, and high school. And somehow through it all, when I fell away from hometown life and broke the rules by finding something bigger out in the world (and myself), we stayed friends.

She is my salsa buddy. My I’ve really fucked it up now confidant. My sass-mouth partner. My We’ll fix it friend. One of my very best friends.

I didn’t stay in touch with a lot of people from home, but she’s the kind of friend you will always be able to pick up where you left off.

So grab your BFF and jam with Brandy and her Best Friend track off her self-titled album, released in 1994.

Throwback Thursday: Glycerine

Back in the 90’s, there were a few clear signs that one day I’d grow up and fall in love with a man that had a sexy accent. Bush (and Gavin Rossdale) was one of those signs. I just couldn’t get over the way he said strawberries.

I also remember the day my sister’s Rolling Stone came in the mail and Gavin Rossdale graced the cover. Talk about teen obsession. I stole that magazine faster than a diabetic kid in a candy shop. I can’t actually remember if I ever gave it back, though I’m sure we fought about it, at which point I vehemently denied ever seeing it.

Gavin was my first teen celebrity crush and I just knew we could make our 20 year age gap work. He had a sexy accent and I was in love. Plus, I did own his first 2 albums, Sixteen Stone and Razorblade Suitcase. What more proof did he need?

However, I did miss the 3rd album, The Science of Things, when it debuted in 1999 as I think I was in love with a senior boy at the time. I was making progress from idolizing unreachable celebs to awkwardly flirting with seniors (as a freshman).

Gawd, was I awkward, but Bush were iconic. So here’s ‘Glycerine’ off of their first album, Sixteen Stone, released in 1995.

I still love when he sings ‘strawberry fields’ and I do vow to see him in concert if they ever tour again. I’ll be the 30-something screaming in the back like I’m 14 all over again.


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