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Weekend review: 3 week rewind

So much has happened since I was last able to post. The reason for my absence was due to a computer malfunction and for once it wasn’t user error! I’ve missed all the new years posts, resolutions, and my chance to really tell you about my last month of 2012, so I’ll just throw the best of the best from the last 3 weeks into this one. Enjoy the countdown:

5. Santacon NYC

BF and I finally made it up to one of the biggest Santa pub crawls on the east coast. It was chaos, but the best kind of chaos. Here we are in Times Square on the giant red steps.


4. A very White House Christmas

One of my friends hooked me up with a holiday White House tour. There weren’t as many Bo-riffic things as last year, but I took a picture with every Bo I could. Here’s my fave Bo, all tangled in the lights 🙂


3. Manchester girls

As promised (to myself), I made it back to England to see some very dear friends in Manchester.


I also got to catch up with my sis and my wee nephew, Lewis. Isn’t he a ham?


2. Manchester United vs. West Brom

Part of our trip to Manchester also included a Manchester United match. BF is a lifelong fan and soccer addict, so this was clearly a must. He was like a kid on Christmas the entire day.


1. Road trip around Ireland

And last but not least, our road trip around Ireland. The main goal of the trip was to just see a bit more of the country. We settled on Cliffs of Moher and Galway as our 2 destinations (it was a whirlwind trip), but ended up stopping by Father Ted’s house and also attempted to see New Grange. Funnily enough, we arrived 30 minutes after the last tour.

Christmas (and New Year’s) was spectacular in Ireland and I loved spending it with BF’s family and friends, but the road trip was unforgettable. So many memories made.



Listen: 2013 anthem

Looking back, 2012 had it’s ups but it also definitely had it’s downs. I know the year’s not over yet, but I can’t help looking to 2013 and the promise that it holds. I feel like a lot of days in 2012 were a battle. A battle to stay positive, to keep my chin up, and of course to always DO MORE! I’m really proud of myself for feeling like I came out on top because I think it could have easily gone the other way sometimes.

We can go ahead and insert all the cliches about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger or that I’m better off with the lessons learned. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate them. However, for me it’s more about appreciating the overwhelming feeling of goodness in the air (and I don’t just think that’s the holiday season). If anything, it’s recognizing and fully accepting the good for what it is, only because I’ve trudged through the bad.

I haven’t made any big 2013 plans or set any goals yet, but I think the overall theme will be this one: NEVER LET YOUR FEAR DECIDE YOUR FATE. Much like my Do more campaign of 2012, I hope to push myself further than I’ve ever gone before. Maybe even set out a big adventure, one that would likely scare me. So let’s just go ahead and celebrate 2012 for what it was and set ourselves up for an awesome year in 2013.

ps. if the world ends on 12/21, I’mma be pissed 🙂

2012 goals: [Make a dress] sneak peek

It’s November 1 and in case you’re keeping track, I have 3 major 2012 goals left on my list. I also have a few on my DC list, but they will likely carry over to 2013. I could potentially knock out the museums, but I’ve definitely missed my chance for orchard picking.

However, if when I complete the last 3 goals on my list, I will be very proud of myself and won’t feel as if I’ve failed in my 2012:do more campaign at all.

My dog certification is well on it’s way. I was a little held up by my ACL surgery, but I’m aiming to get back on track this weekend and I have my trip all booked to see not only the Manchester girls in December, but also my sis, her hubby, and my wee nephew, Lewis.

So really, that just leaves the big one…MAKE A DRESS. Which at this stage, I have absolutely no doubts it will be completed. I’ve been tipping away at it the past 2 weeks while my mom was here. I was confident I could do it on my own, but I also felt a little rusty so it really worked out that she was here to offer advice and to help out. I will admit she helped me with a lot of the pressing and cutting as it was hard with a bum leg, but I’ll definitely take credit that I made the dress, doing 85% of the work.

I still have a few finishing touches to do and need to finish putting in the zipper, but there’s no reason I can’t finish up the dress this weekend! Here is a sneak peek, just so you can be sure I’m well on my way! The color of the dress is in line with this season’s oranges and corals, but I have no doubt I’ll be wearing it proudly for many years to come.

Weekend review: On the mend

Last Thursday, I went in for ACL surgery. I came out the same day with a new ligament (courtesy of my hamstring) and of course, a fair amount of free time on my hands.

Mom came up for the surgery and is here for the next 2 weeks helping me hobble and heal. Even though I spend 95% of my days with one leg elevated and wrapped in a fancy ice pack, I’ve tried to make the other 5% interesting and enjoyable for my mom.

On Friday, we made homemade pesto sauce. It’s as easy as it sounds – basil, olive oil, salt, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, and garlic. After that, all you need is a food processor or small blender to chop, chop, chop!

We made a decent amount of pesto and put it in ziplock bags to freeze. I’ll just break off a piece and defrost next time I want to use it.

On Saturday, BF and I took Mom to the White House for the Fall garden tour. Even though I couldn’t really walk, one of our friends was able to acquire a wheel chair for the occasion. I did manage to hop up for a picture perfect photo op in front of the south lawn. It was a gorgeous day and Mom got to see the Kennedy rose garden, Michelle’s garden, and even the White House beehives!

All in all, a really nice weekend, even if I haven’t been 100%. On the bright side, I’m officially on the mend and hope to be back on my feet in no time.

Weekend review: ‘I do’

On Saturday, one of my very good friends from college said I do and I was excited to have been a part of the celebration. Everything seemed to really go off without a hitch and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the whole evening flowed. The ceremony started at 5, followed by a cocktail hour, and the evening was topped off with dinner, dancing, and fun until at least 1 AM. I was knackered!

It’s funny how weddings always seem to make you sentimental and mushy; they make you reflect on who you are and where you’re at in life. I’m happy to say, that when I looked back I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve done a lot for myself in 2012 and every year since I graduated from college. I’m happy, healthy, in love, and always find myself surrounded by great friends. I’ve come a long way and it’s been a fun, if not absolutely random, journey.

And now, just one last hurdle to jump in 2012…ACL surgery on Thursday. Wish me luck, but in the mean time here’s a wee collage of all the fun I had at Dan & Colleen’s wedding.

  • Top left: Entrance to the Tidewater Inn, announcing Dan & Colleen’s wedding
  • Middle left: The newlyweds!
  • Bottom left: Me, Colleen, & Janet – friends since 2003!
  • Top right: Me & my handsome boyfriend
  • Bottom right: All the Elon girls (Sara, Kensie, Meghan, Colleen, Janet, Me, Lauren, & Sara)

Do more. Read more.

Last night I finished reading Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef. I’m not proud of this accomplishment because the book was life changing (Eh, no!), or because I recommend it (What? They’re making it into a movie? No thanks.). I’m proud of this accomplishment because that puts my 2012 book total to 12; which means, I’ve completed another goal!

I think I’ve had a book goal every year for the past 5 years and this is the first time I’ve ever completed it (Crankypants can attest to this!). I give a lot of credit to the 2 book clubs I joined, but also to iBooks. If I hadn’t discovered how much I love reading on my phone, I probably would still be on book #3.

So what would I recommend from my 2012 collection? Easy…

  • Following Atticus: for any dog lovers out there
  • Unbroken: if you want to read an intense autobio
  • North and South: if you’re tired of reading Pride & Prejudice again and again
  • The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: for a bit of Shakespeare without all the Shakespeare

Don’t worry, just because I’ve reached 12 doesn’t mean I’ll quit reading. I’ve already started Justin Halpern’s Shit My Dad Says. I know, I know…I did swear off nonfiction and autobiographies after the last two disastrous books but how could I say no to this one? It was on sale, had 5 stars, and I’ve already LOL’d twice…so at least I’ve already enjoyed it more than the last 2 books combined. Boom.

Lastly, in case you’re lagging because it’s September and you’re just looking forward to Christmas wishing you could skip the next few months. Here’s your Fall reminder: DO MORE!

Weekend review: Grateful

I thought this past weekend would produce a great Weekend review post and I’d have tons of pictures to share; instead, I walked away from Saturday and Sunday feeling grateful for what I have. I don’t mean ‘Yay me, I have a home and a job and other fun things.’ I mean ‘Yay me, time to put some good back in the world because I potentially used up a lot this weekend.’

Maybe it’s more a feeling of luck, but for those that don’t believe in luck, maybe it’s fate.

When I started the weekend, I felt anxious and I wasn’t sure what to do with my feelings. Anxious about my relationship with BF and wanting to move forward without scaring him. Think less ‘let’s get married’ and more let’s just talk about maybe moving in together sometime next year. But after attending a bachelorette party where the bride-to-be broke down in tears at the end of the night and after hearing heartbreaking stories from other girls who I knew rushed into things, I didn’t feel so anxious anymore. I felt like I was right where I needed to be. That’s not to say I wouldn’t mind talking about taking the next step with BF, but for right now there’s no reason not to be grateful for being in a healthy and happy relationship where time is not our enemy.

And if the evening itself didn’t give me enough perspective, the next morning certainly did when I received a phone call at 6:45 AM. I won’t share what happened as a blog is just not the place, but I will say that BF walked away from an experience very lucky and we spent the entire day cuddled up with each other.

To me, 2012 was meant to be about doing more and crossing things off a list. But after this weekend, I’ve realized that this year can be about doing more but it should also be about appreciating what I already have and what I get to experience every day without traveling somewhere bizarre or reporting in on something crazy and off the wall.

So what did I do this weekend? I did do more. I loved more.


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