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Weekend review: Relaxed

This past weekend, BF went to NOLA with the lads to partake in the Super Bowl festivities. Yes, he’s Irish, but he loves the American sports and he’s a massive Ravens fan. It’s a good thing they won!

So while he was partying it up, I was relaxing it up. At first I was a little disappointed NOLA had turned into a lad’s trip, but looking back at it I’m glad I got a chance to do my own thing and to stay focused on my own goals.

On Friday evening, I hit the trail with Kat and Tara and their 2 pups Sophie and Kudzu. The best part was the ride to the park at which point Kudzu thought it necessary to sit in the front seat, even though I was in the front seat. 🙂


We hiked for about an hour and after, I had dinner with Kat and her boo, Kev. She made Cincinnati chili which had my brain questioning my taste buds. I knew it was chili, but the cinnamon made me think I was nomming Lebanese foodies. If you’ve never had it, I definitely recommend it. We had it 5 ways (with spaghetti, kidney beans, cheddar cheese, and raw onions) – the chili itself counts as 1 of the 5.

On Saturday, I finally wrapped up a 2012 goal and finished my dog certification final exam. Just waiting for the grade, but that should be me…a certified dog trainer!

After, I celebrated with a friend at a comedy show in DC. Since I got back from Ireland, I haven’t felt like myself (physically) and I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the positivity that I can and will change my body. That even with my bum knee, I will be healthy again. Saturday was the first night I felt like me again. I think it might of had something to do with the $15 dress I scored from ModCloth. A good deal always makes me feel giddy.


Other than that, my time was filled with lots of relaxation, a bit of Super Bowl fun, and continuing to work on my own personal happiness project. I’m less than a month into my daily journal and only on chapter 2 in the book, but I feel more positive and I like the way I feel. Happy Tuesday!


Life: Inaugural staff ball

Living in the DC metro area, I get to do a lot of cool things. There are the museums, memorials, trails, and all the cool stuff that just comes with living in a bustling city. Last night, I got to attend the staff inaugural ball!

I got to feel like a pretty princess in a fantastic dress from ModCloth:


I got to see the President & Mrs. Obama give a speech, in person. As in, breathing the same air:


And to end the evening, I saw Lady Gaga perform with Tony Bennett, singing ‘The lady is a tramp’:


All in all, it was a great night and I felt really lucky to be a part of it. I also came away with a sense (and reassurance) that it’s more than ok to not fit in with the typical DC politico type. I think sometimes, especially at these sort of events, people get caught up in what they do here in DC and that it defines them. And more often times than not, if you don’t fit in with their definition you can find yourself on the outside of an awkward adult social clique.

I’m lucky in the friends and the company I keep to know that I have no problem standing on the outside. I get a better view of who I am.

2012 goals: [Make a dress] sneak peek

It’s November 1 and in case you’re keeping track, I have 3 major 2012 goals left on my list. I also have a few on my DC list, but they will likely carry over to 2013. I could potentially knock out the museums, but I’ve definitely missed my chance for orchard picking.

However, if when I complete the last 3 goals on my list, I will be very proud of myself and won’t feel as if I’ve failed in my 2012:do more campaign at all.

My dog certification is well on it’s way. I was a little held up by my ACL surgery, but I’m aiming to get back on track this weekend and I have my trip all booked to see not only the Manchester girls in December, but also my sis, her hubby, and my wee nephew, Lewis.

So really, that just leaves the big one…MAKE A DRESS. Which at this stage, I have absolutely no doubts it will be completed. I’ve been tipping away at it the past 2 weeks while my mom was here. I was confident I could do it on my own, but I also felt a little rusty so it really worked out that she was here to offer advice and to help out. I will admit she helped me with a lot of the pressing and cutting as it was hard with a bum leg, but I’ll definitely take credit that I made the dress, doing 85% of the work.

I still have a few finishing touches to do and need to finish putting in the zipper, but there’s no reason I can’t finish up the dress this weekend! Here is a sneak peek, just so you can be sure I’m well on my way! The color of the dress is in line with this season’s oranges and corals, but I have no doubt I’ll be wearing it proudly for many years to come.

My first vintage dress

Yesterday, my roomie and I went on an impromptu mini shopping spree. She told me about this new boutique in Old Town that she had discovered and it didn’t take much arm twisting for us to visit after work. While we were down that way, we also planned on going to one of our favorite vintage/consignment shop since we both conveniently had a gift certificate from Christmas.

The boutique was a success in itself and I walked away with 2 new items to live in my closet, but the vintage shop was the real star of the day.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at vintage dresses or read blogs where girls boast of their vintage hauls. I’ve always been a little jealous because every time I’ve tried one on or found one I adored – it just didn’t fit. Marilyn may have been curvy in the day, but a lot of the dresses out there in my area are for less curvy gals. Up until yesterday, I really only ever owned vintage inspired clothes (not counting a few goodies from my Mama).

We walked into the vintage/consignment shop and when I saw this little beauty hanging on the wall, I literally gasped.

The sales lady asked if I wanted to try it on and after looking at the price tag, I said no. I just couldn’t. But as I waited around for my roomie who was trying on a few items, I kept gravitating back to it. It was in nearly perfect condition and just my size. Who was I to argue with fate?

So there she is – my first truly vintage dress by Mr. Dino. A designer from Miami that got his start in the late 50’s. Yes, of course I googled him. I just love that his signature appears on the dress itself.

khlomar on eBay

Khloe Kardashian updated her status to let the world know that she’s selling a dress she wore at the DASH Miami opening on eBay.

Things I like about this:

  1. Selling stuff on eBay makes her seem real to me. Sure, her fame was fathomed from thin air, but she’s still famous. We’re talking about her, aren’t we?
  2. A portion of all eBay proceeds go to a charity. That’s nice.
  3. It makes total sense. Celebs don’t get to wear stuff twice anyways, might as well let the rest of us enjoy it.
  4. This dress is listed as a size 8 as are most of her other listings. Why do people say she’s fat? Oh yeah, because she’s tall. Tall or not, size 8 is not fat.

For more listings, visit their eBay page. And fellas, you can even pick up some sweet styles from Lamar Odom. Of course, that’s assuming you wear a size 15 shoe!


Runway looks IRL

I admit, I get a little excited when fashion week rolls around. Not because I’m a mega fashionista, but because I like to see what’s new and different out there. I also try and challenge myself to incorporate something funky into my style because even the smallest change really stands out in a DC crowd.

Refinery 29 just put out this beauty edition of Runway vs. Real Girl and I had to share it with you because it made me LOL. Incorporating the runway styles into everyday wear was fun and admirable, but I loved the social experiment even more. So without further ado – eye feathers by Prabal Gurang on the runway and IRL!

The runway look…

The real girl look…

The social experiment lol…

Peek inside…

As part of my ‘Do More’ Campaign, I’ve decided to enter Jessica Quirk’s What I Wore Winter Remix Challenge. Normally, I probably would have thought it a fun idea but never actually submit anything. However, this year, I’m doing more. So as Barney Stinson would say…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! [high five]

So I’ve entered my photos, but that’s not what I want to share with you! Rather than looking at a gratuitous photo of me, I thought I’d share my stair-step book shelf (made by dad!) and some of the fun things I’ve collected over the years.

1. Painting from Bali (2005). Lucky I even got it through Australian customs since the frame is made of wood.

2. Hand carved wood figure from Bali (2005) and paper/wooden lamp from Thailand (2006).

3. Me & BF on the left; Me and Izzy on the right when we were munchkins.

4. Card box with a big book on top. What’s that big book? Oh it’s my reading for Animal Behavior College. I’m working on my Dog Training Certification!

5. Mayan protector for health and happiness (2012), Spanish vase (2004), vase from Belize (2008?), and a photo of my grandparents.

6. Collection of scarves from at least 4 different countries (2004 til ?).

7. More pictures of me & BF but more importantly my hookah from Istanbul (2010).

8. Baby Maggie…awwwww (1984 heh)

9. Growler from Motor City Brewery (2009) full of coins.

10. Books (yeah, yeah) and Mr. Plant, the plant I got when I first moved to DC and the longest living plant I’ve ever owned (2008).

11. Voodoo wishing stick from New Orleans (2010) and a drumstick from The Killers (not visible in picture).

12. Yes, a fan, but also all the magazines I’ve acquired through previously mentioned deals!

13. Jewelry box, nothing fancy. I think I got it at TJMaxx (2004).

14. Travel books and a Spanish/English dictionary – assuming I ever actually learn Spanish.

15. That’s me, duh!



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