Weekend review: Camping

It seems the last few weeks have been all about making myself busy, crossing things off the list, and preparing for Asia. So when a friend asked if I wanted to go camping this past weekend, I thought it would be something fun and different. Plus, the outdoor toilet situation would certainly prepare me for Asia. 🙂

On Friday, I met my friend Carman in Old Town and we drove out after work to Winchester, VA. It’s not the most breathtaking drive as you do hit the Beltway and part of Dulles toll road, but it was a fun little road trip that mysteriously led us to a winery about an hour from our campsite. Since we were both peckish and love a good wine, we stopped in to Bogati Bodega Winery in Round Hill, VA and of course opted for the tasting and the charcuterie/cheese plate. It was definitely one of those little road trip surprises that I’ll always remember as we sat on their patio listening to a live tenor sax player as we chatted and sipped our wine.


A little later that night, we finally made it to our campsite and definitely pulled out the s’mores first thing. We couldn’t see much of the view that night, but here’s what we woke up to the next day:


Fall is definitely on it’s way. After breakfast and organizing ourselves a bit, we went for a small hike around the area and attempted to find the “overlook” which was more on the side of disappointing than breathtaking. In any case, it was exercise for the day! After our hike, I found myself anxious and a bit flustered and it took me about an hour to realize that I was having a hard time relaxing and doing nothing. I guess that’s the thing about always wanting to do more, sometimes it’s hard to allow yourself to do nothing. But finally, I let go and was able to sit still in a chair for more than 5 minutes. The night/weekend was rounded off with some bison burgers, chicken apple sausages, more s’mores, and a few pumpkin flavored beers.

While I can say I love a good shower and a comfy bed, I do also love putting myself in a different environment and being able to find a sense of relaxation.




  crankypants wrote @

I often find myself restless when I am trying to go for relaxation. That was how it was for me at the retreat in Italy. Of course at home I have no problem sitting doing nothing!

  zigzagmags wrote @

maybe because we’re in a new place and want to see and do everything that’s there? and of course, at home, stuff will always be there. there’s no time restriction. i forced myself to take a nap and to do the yoga relaxation techniques before i was really ok with doing nothing.

  crankypants wrote @

For me at the retreat, part of it was because there were people around to talk to…something I sadly do not have a lot of in my everyday life. Also I guess it’s just a new environment as you say and I don’t know. Part of it was, where to relax first? haha

  zigzagmags wrote @

i know what you mean, working from home isn’t great for socializing. and it’s always a nice problem to have when there are too many relaxation options. it’s how i feel when i go to spa world in VA! 🙂

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