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Weekend review: Boston

No throwback Thursday today, I gotta fill you in on the excitement from the weekend. It’s been a busy few weeks, but this past weekend we (BF, BF’s sister and brother, and BF’s friend from home) all went up to Boston for a few days.

Since my boss lives in Marblehead, just outside the city, I decided to head up a few days early, spending a total of 5 days in Beantown. I was seriously impressed with the city and surprisingly not overwhelmed which tells me how much I’ve grown since moving to the DC area. So, to make this easy for us all, let’s count it down!

5. Duck Tour

We had a few people tell us that no matter what we did in Boston, we HAD to do the Duck Tour. I wanted to be impressed and I wanted to tell you all the cool things I learned about Boston, but in the end I was disappointed. Yes, we were on an actual WWII duck (not a replica) which meant that I was sitting on a piece of history, but because the loch was being let out, the current was too much for us to see the city from the water. WHAT?! Yep, we went in and then we came right back out. LAME! I did get a few good pics and we had our craic (“quack!”), but all in all, I’d probably ask for my money back if I could.

Isn’t BF cute when he catches the sun? That’s him with some color. Red IS a color. 😀

4. Salem

Before the lads came up, I visited Salem with my boss. She took me all around showing me witch shops,  telling me all about the Halloween festivities, how you can walk the witches trail (probably not the official name), and see where the witch trials took place. I was crazy fascinated. I’ve already decided that if I can’t make it to Salem this Halloween, it’s going on the list for 2014! I mean, check out this shop… and this is NORMAL!


There was also a really cool bookshop there that looked like this on the inside:


And it was surprisingly organized. This was the thriller section. I kind of/totally geeked out.

3. Marblehead

I’ve only visited Marblehead once before and I remember it being pretty, but I forgot how breathtaking it was. This is what New England does best:


And my boss has a pup named, Brownie. He was too cute for words, see…

2. Boston nightlife

It’s not a night out in Boston with the Irish if you don’t make the rounds to all the pubs and clubs. We didn’t make it to South Boston where all the Irish live, but we made our own fun in and around the city.

1. Everything in between

And the best part of the weekend away? All the funny jokes that pop up when you have that many people together. There was some amount of antics to be had and I smile just thinking about all the fun we had. Here is a random photo that I find amusing, even without context.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend starting tomorrow.


Throwback Thursday: B.i.t.c.h.

Today’s post features Meredith Brooks and her catchy tune, B.i.t.c.h., from 1997. Holla!

This video also comes with a little story and isn’t snide commentary on someone else’s behavior, but rather my own and how we all change as the years roll on. It’s not an exact fit, but for some reason when I tried to think up a 90’s tune to match the story below, this is what came to mind.

Maybe because of the ‘I’m a little bit of everything, all rolled into one’ lyric. So please, do enjoy this story, because ain’t nobody perfect. You just do the best you can, grow up, and move on…

Today, I was out running in Marblehead, MA (as I’m up visiting my boss before a long weekend in Boston) and I ran into an old “friend”. I put that word in quotes because I don’t really know if that’s the right word to describe us.

We were friends, good friends. We studied abroad together in Australia and did lots of laughing together, but then she met a fella and fell in love super fast and got married so they could be together. I, of course, let my concerns be known and as you can guess, that didn’t go down well. But then I grew up and a few years later I realized that my opinion didn’t have to matter as long as she was happy; so I did the adult thing and apologized.

She still lived in Australia at the time, so I sent her a message taking responsibility for my mistakes/opinions. Her response was to simply delete me off Facebook. That hurt, but you move on as I had done what I could and had controlled my part of the situation. She had every right to react the way she did, I just couldn’t feel bad about it anymore.

When I bumped into her today after 5 years, we were very friendly towards each other and she even gave me a hug. There was no ‘Let’s catch up!’ or ‘It’s been way too long.’, but I did get a sense that any bad blood had been reduced to water under the bridge (at least on my side) and while we may never be friends again, I do realize that the universe has a very good sense of humor.

If anything, there’s a little more good ju-ju in the world today.

Weekend review: June’s adventure in Charleston

It’s nearly the weekend and I’m only now finding time to post my review from the last weekend. That should tell you just how good my weekend in Charleston was! It was an epic time with girlfriends to celebrate my best friend’s bachelorette. It was also my 6th adventure of the year and the half way mark for my 12 adventures of 2013!

My friend, Kat, wanted all the bells and whistles when it came to her party weekend and I was more than happy to plan it and give her the best weekend ever! I had never been to Charleston, so I asked around and made sure we got a little bit of everything into her special weekend.

We brunched at Poogan’s Porch:


We tanned at Folly Beach:


And we partied like neon rock stars with Alan from The Hangover:



I asked Kat the next day to rate the entire weekend and she gave it a big fat 10 out of 10! Total success or simply put…


Throwback Thursday: Ex-boyfriends

In 1991, Pearl Jam released their debut album, Ten, and it included ‘Jeremy’.

In 1998, I got my first EVAR boyfriend. His name was also Jeremy. This wasn’t our jam by any means (that was some Goo-Goo dolls song), but I do like to draw that parallel, albeit weak.

90’s grunge is the perfect stress reliever and this week, I needed to post something a little grunge.  I was going to throw some Marilyn Manson at you, but decided that was maybe a little TOO heavy, so I went with Pearl Jam instead. You’re welcome.


Weekend review: Kitteh cuddles

This past weekend, I did nothing but relax…and I LOVED it! It’s been a busy few months and a weekend of poolside lounging, straw-ber-ritas, and giggling with friends was just what the doctor ordered. However, the icing on the cake was getting kitteh cuddles all night long. My friend’s AC wasn’t working so we had a sleepover and Miss Gabby came over too!

When she arrived, she was a sleepy kitteh:


But she did perk up when she thought she saw something flit across the room. Look at that chin!


But  my favorite moment was the next morning when I found her sleeping just above my head. At which point, she put a paw on me as if to say…”There, there hooman.”




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