Weekend review: April’s adventure

My official birthday is tomorrow, but this past weekend, I went to Orlando for a special birthday adventure. I knew I wanted to do something really fun and different this year. I’ve done the big parties in DC, I even had a themed party last year in Annapolis, and while I love celebrating with friends – I definitely knew I wanted an adventure.

BF and I have been planning this adventure since February and while it was a little pricy and a whirlwind mini-holiday, it was one of the best birthday weekends ever! I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in 2 days as I did when I was in Orlando.

The idea of the trip popped into my head because BF and I are Harry Potter fans, but you can’t go to Orlando and not also go to Disney – so we packed Saturday and Sunday with the most fun possible. I’m certainly paying for it now, but it was worth it!

We arrived late Friday night after work and headed for the hotel to prepare for the next day. We intentionally set out late (read that as not at 8 AM with the rest of the kids) on Saturday morning as we knew we’d be staying until at least midnight at Disney. We just had to see the fireworks and Tinkerbell fly from the castle in Magic Kingdom!

It was all a flurry when we arrived – took quite a few pics, saw the ‘Celebrate today’ parade, and of course did a little souvenir shopping. Here we are in front of Cinderella’s castle with the famous duo: Walt & Mickey!


We rode every possible ride, figured out their FastPass system so we could ride our faves again, and somewhere in there stopped for ice cream. Hey, it was my birthday weekend. Of course I was going to have ice cream!


I don’t know if I could pick a favorite part of the day, but the night displays were brilliant. Conor and I had put ourselves into the Disney mood when we bought ears and I must have had a permanent smile plastered to my face as we watched the Electric parade and the fireworks. Aren’t the ears the best??


I think we got home around 1:30 that night and I already had a blister on my little toe, but it was the best adventure! I just didn’t know how Sunday was going to top it.

On Sunday, we pulled ourselves out of bed super early to pack in as much park time as possible at Universal’s Islands of Adventure because we already knew that we’d want to spend at least half the day in Harry Potter world!

There was butterbeer, every flavor jelly beans, chocolate frogs, turkey legs, a visit to Olivander’s, riding every ride at least twice, and a trip to Hogwarts!


We even got to meet the conductor on the Hogwarts Express!


But with all that sugar and excitement, I definitely think both of our favorite part of the day was Hogwarts and the journey you can do inside. When we were deciding what rides to do again, both of us said that one first. Even if you’re not a massive Harry Potter fan, this part of the park is just unbelievable and could easily turn you into an instant fan!


We flew back this AM with bags in our hands and bags under our eyes. We also managed to bring back 2 extremely sore legs – I couldn’t believe the amount of walking we did! But it was without a doubt, the best weekend of 2013 (so far!). BF and I have had a lot of great adventures, but this one takes the cake. I don’t know if the next will live up to this past weekend, but it’ll sure be fun to try!


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