Life: The View

In 2008, I went to T in the Park. I was nearly crushed in the crowd trying to see The View. I never actually saw their set and since then, I’ve been patiently waiting for 5 years. Last night, I got my chance in a tiny venue here in DC called DC9. The View haven’t made it big just yet in the US, but more than deserve the spoils of fame as they are brilliant performers.

I was jittery going in to the club since the tour bus door opened right as I got to the entrance of DC9. Looking back to see the band, I only saw a random guy with a vacuum. So you can imagine my complete and utter surprise to find The View sitting at the bar having a few pre-show drinks. I was gobsmacked. Star-struck. Giddy with excitement. I smiled at Kyle, the front-man, and I’m telling myself he smiled back. I turned to BF and mouthed, ‘THAT’S THEM!’ in what I imagine to be a very overt manner.

I wanted to go up to them and say that I was a fan. To say I’d been itching to see them perform since 2008. To offer to buy them a drink, but instead I sat there on a bar stool with a stupid grin on my face and never said anything. I racked my brain for something clever, for something Scottish. I had nothing and completely missed my chance. I’ve been kicking myself all morning and I was actually mad at myself last night. I think BF thought I was nuts as I went on and on about it.

I didn’t get my chance to hobnob with the soon-to-be rich & famous, but I did see them perform a stellar set with about 40 other people. Talk about a drastic change from the last time I tried to see them, but I loved it. Getting up close or snagging floor tix in a large venue is brilliant, but standing 5 feet away from a great band is memorable. And now, a few photos.

The set list – literally so close. Kyle actually handed it to the guy standing in front of me after the show. I was a little jealous.


3 of 4 performing at DC9:


And here’s one of Kyle. I pinched the guitar pick left on the mic stand after the show. What? 🙂


So needless to say, if you see The View coming to your area definitely take the time to check them out. Here’s a tune to end the post, because it’s how they ended the gig:



  crankypants wrote @

oh, looks like they played Kung Fu Necktie here the day before you saw them. They sound pretty good, I never heard of them. They kind of look like One Direction gone in a Different Direction! (don’t hurt me)

  zigzagmags wrote @

lolz – i won’t hurt you, but i’m sure they wouldn’t like that. at least they don’t sound like one direction! haha. shame you missed them tho!

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