Weekend review: Relaxed

This past weekend, BF went to NOLA with the lads to partake in the Super Bowl festivities. Yes, he’s Irish, but he loves the American sports and he’s a massive Ravens fan. It’s a good thing they won!

So while he was partying it up, I was relaxing it up. At first I was a little disappointed NOLA had turned into a lad’s trip, but looking back at it I’m glad I got a chance to do my own thing and to stay focused on my own goals.

On Friday evening, I hit the trail with Kat and Tara and their 2 pups Sophie and Kudzu. The best part was the ride to the park at which point Kudzu thought it necessary to sit in the front seat, even though I was in the front seat. 🙂


We hiked for about an hour and after, I had dinner with Kat and her boo, Kev. She made Cincinnati chili which had my brain questioning my taste buds. I knew it was chili, but the cinnamon made me think I was nomming Lebanese foodies. If you’ve never had it, I definitely recommend it. We had it 5 ways (with spaghetti, kidney beans, cheddar cheese, and raw onions) – the chili itself counts as 1 of the 5.

On Saturday, I finally wrapped up a 2012 goal and finished my dog certification final exam. Just waiting for the grade, but that should be me…a certified dog trainer!

After, I celebrated with a friend at a comedy show in DC. Since I got back from Ireland, I haven’t felt like myself (physically) and I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the positivity that I can and will change my body. That even with my bum knee, I will be healthy again. Saturday was the first night I felt like me again. I think it might of had something to do with the $15 dress I scored from ModCloth. A good deal always makes me feel giddy.


Other than that, my time was filled with lots of relaxation, a bit of Super Bowl fun, and continuing to work on my own personal happiness project. I’m less than a month into my daily journal and only on chapter 2 in the book, but I feel more positive and I like the way I feel. Happy Tuesday!


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