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Listen: 2013 anthem

Looking back, 2012 had it’s ups but it also definitely had it’s downs. I know the year’s not over yet, but I can’t help looking to 2013 and the promise that it holds. I feel like a lot of days in 2012 were a battle. A battle to stay positive, to keep my chin up, and of course to always DO MORE! I’m really proud of myself for feeling like I came out on top because I think it could have easily gone the other way sometimes.

We can go ahead and insert all the cliches about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger or that I’m better off with the lessons learned. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate them. However, for me it’s more about appreciating the overwhelming feeling of goodness in the air (and I don’t just think that’s the holiday season). If anything, it’s recognizing and fully accepting the good for what it is, only because I’ve trudged through the bad.

I haven’t made any big 2013 plans or set any goals yet, but I think the overall theme will be this one: NEVER LET YOUR FEAR DECIDE YOUR FATE. Much like my Do more campaign of 2012, I hope to push myself further than I’ve ever gone before. Maybe even set out a big adventure, one that would likely scare me. So let’s just go ahead and celebrate 2012 for what it was and set ourselves up for an awesome year in 2013.

ps. if the world ends on 12/21, I’mma be pissed 🙂


Weekend review: Love is in the air

This past weekend was fairly quiet. Partially because sometimes a quiet weekend is needed and partially in preparation for the rest of the month’s festivities. This weekend we’re going to NYC and joining 20,000 other Santas in Santacon and next Thursday we are off to Ireland! I know we’re packing in last minute fun, but just in case the world ends, I gotta DO MORE!

I digress. Let’s rewind to last Friday night.

One of my very best friends here in the DC area just closed on a home with her partner. I was lucky enough to be their first house guest. I got the grand tour, a fine dinner, and got to catch up with 2 of my very favorite people. Maybe it’s that time of the year or maybe I’m just a sucker for happy endings, but love was so very much in the air. It’s just nice to see that good things happen to good people. I couldn’t be happier for these 2 love birds (and their cute puggle, Choppy).


And on Saturday, it was my turn to feel all loved up and festive. After a day of Christmas shopping with the BF, we went to the Annapolis Christmas boat show. I think they call it the Parade of Lights, or something very PC. It was the perfect kind of winter weather – cold enough to crave hot chocolate, but not so cold you can’t feel your nose.


Roll on more holiday fun & festivities!

Weekend review: Celebrate!

Last Friday, I went to the annual DC Gaels awards ceremony and because it’s the 25th anniversary of the club, they held the reception at the Irish embassy. It was a lovely evening and really nice to catch up with friends, especially in such a swanky building. I was also honored to receive the 2012 Camog of the year award. Even with a bum knee, I came out on top and was surprised! Fancy awards are great, but it was more about knowing that my team and club appreciated my hard work. However, I will proudly display my fancy award for all to see :). Thank you, DC Gaels!


On Saturday, the roomies and I decided to start our holiday celebrations with a little Christmas decorating. This will be our 4th Christmas together and putting up the tree is always one of my favorite times of the year as we blast Mariah Carey and hang our fave ornaments on the tree. This year’s tree is probably the best yet!


Now that the tree is decorated and our stockings have been hung, all I can say now is…roll on, Ireland! 15 days and counting. Suppose I better finish up my shopping and potentially start packing!


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