Weekend review: Pain is temporary, right?

This past Saturday, I took my first trip in an ambulance after I twisted/sprained/strained/I don’t know what my knee. I was out playing Gaelic football and having a brilliant game with 2 blocks early in the first half and went to cut left…or was it right? Either way, I ended up on the ground in pain and then on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance. I’m really only smiling because it was my first time in an ambulance and I found the experience quite interesting. Plus, if you can’t laugh at yourself…I probably would have cried.

I’m now the proud owner of a pair of crutches and a knee immobilizer. Yay, me.

It’s been an interesting affair so far. And also frustrating…very frustrating. The ER could only tell me it wasn’t broken, so now I’m waiting to see if I can get in to see an orthopedic specialist today. There’s no swelling and the ER also said it wasn’t dislocated. Everyone who’s ever had a knee injury or knows someone that did (which is EVERYONE!) likes to tell me I’ve torn some ligaments or fucked up something royally. I’m trying to stay positive and tell myself it’s only a sprain and that this nonsense will only last 2 weeks. Afterall, NAGAA finals are only 3 weeks away. I HAVE to play!

Plus, I can’t handle being on crutches for too long. My arms hurt, my shoulders hurt, and everything is a challenge. In fact, I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet because I don’t possibly know how I’ll make eggs in a timely manner or even a cup of tea. It took me 10 minutes to transfer a can of soup from the pantry to the stove last night. I nearly broke down in tears this morning when my crutches knocked over everything in the shower as I was trying to swivel out. I’d already been in the bathroom for 45 minutes and now shit was scattered everywhere!  And as frustrating as it is to try and do stuff on my own, it’s just as frustrating that I’m having to do it on my own. People have offered but I just get the feeling I’m a major inconvenience and I hate that feeling as much as I hate being in this situation.

BF was great at the weekend and helped me, but he’s flat out at work so had to go back to Annapolis last night so he could go into the office early today. 1 roomie is MIA and the other was off to work this morning as I did my balancing act in the bathroom.

I guess this is what I get for saying I wanted a few quiet weekends. Looks like I got what I asked for and then some…



  Colleen wrote @

Oh, no! This sounds awful. Always important to remember that it could have been worse– but easier said than done. I’m glad that you’re safe!

  zigzagmags wrote @

thanks colleen. i know it’s all “fixable” – still just depressing all the same!

  crankypants wrote @

Oh geeeez! How awful. Fingers crossed it’s nothing too serious but I have a feeling you won’t be playing in 3 weeks.
Accept help when offered. If it’s taking you that long to do stuff, you are going to be miserable really quickly so any help should be a load off. And you would help someone in the same situation, I know, so don’t feel bad asking for and accepting help. Treat them to delivered dinner or something. And check your grocery stores for delivery. It will cost at least $10 but you don’t want to starve either! I wish I was in the area, I would be glad to help you. (anything to get out of my messy house! 😉 )

  zigzagmags wrote @

well, i think you’re right (per usual!). the PA at the ortho doc said she thinks its a meniscus sprain and possible ligament tear. so I’m in for an MRI this week. i think i cried all over the hospital today after she said “9 month recovery”

after i wrote this, i texted BF and said I needed help. that there was no way around it. friends have volunteered, but it’s all the little stuff that i feel like i need help with – not just dinner, etc. i may have to ask Mama A to come up and take care of me if I have to have surgery. 😦 😦 😦 esp since BF is sked for hip surgery in Sept too. It’s all just a mess. one big fucking mess. and I don’t know how to unfuck this one! ARGH!!!!

ps. thanks for the offer and the support to help me out. i know you would! with that in mind, I think I’m still going to Philly for finals even though I know I probably can’t play so I’ll have a bit of free time without any of the games. Maybe we can hang on the Friday?

  crankypants wrote @

Ohhhhh no. I hope it’s not a tear and you don’t need surgery. That would not be good. Oh man, I can’t believe your BF is having hip surgery too! You guys are way too young for all this!
(and for the record, I thought that even if it was “just a sprain, nothing too major” that you probably wouldn’t be recommended to play in 3 weeks…not that I thought it was really bad! 😦 )
I’m sure your mom would be happy to come help, and yeah, we should definitely get together when you are here. What’s the date again?

  zigzagmags wrote @

haha i know what you meant – i think i was probably just being completely unrealistic in thinking i’d get to play in 3 weeks. i’ll chalk it up to adrenaline?

it’ll be the friday before labor day – i think it’s the 31st? that friday during the day might actually be perfect as we don’t have any games that day and i wouldn’t mind grabbing an afternoon beer if you’re around? we’ll see what we can work out tho!

  crankypants wrote @

Oh yeah, I don’t have anything going on on the 31st and that being labor day weekend it should be super easy to take the day off of work! (I welcome any excuse to take a day off!) Yay!

  Gina wrote @

I was jumping on my trampoline and injured my knee I went to the hospital they took X-rays I have to scoot of of the couch while someone holds my foot I’m in a immobilizer and I am getting an MRI I took pain killers and it hurts so much! It’s not broken as it showed on the X-rays but idk what’s wrong so I’m going to an orthopedic specialist ughhh it’s so annoying this is embarrassing but someone had to hold my leg up when I sit down it always has to be elevated when sitting but I have crutches and I’ve been using them I was at the hospital for like 5 hours and got home so late when I go to school it’s gonna be so hard my friends are. Gonna help me carry my stuff but it’s horrible and I feel your pain I’ve been iceinf it for a long time

  zigzagmags wrote @

it’s a rough road if you tore your ACL – hope it’s not as bad as that. wishing you all the best!

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