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I know Fernando

We used to cuddle and then his hooman moved to NC where she is the press secretary for the DNC. It’s like I’m almost famous! 🙂


Weekend review: Grateful

I thought this past weekend would produce a great Weekend review post and I’d have tons of pictures to share; instead, I walked away from Saturday and Sunday feeling grateful for what I have. I don’t mean ‘Yay me, I have a home and a job and other fun things.’ I mean ‘Yay me, time to put some good back in the world because I potentially used up a lot this weekend.’

Maybe it’s more a feeling of luck, but for those that don’t believe in luck, maybe it’s fate.

When I started the weekend, I felt anxious and I wasn’t sure what to do with my feelings. Anxious about my relationship with BF and wanting to move forward without scaring him. Think less ‘let’s get married’ and more let’s just talk about maybe moving in together sometime next year. But after attending a bachelorette party where the bride-to-be broke down in tears at the end of the night and after hearing heartbreaking stories from other girls who I knew rushed into things, I didn’t feel so anxious anymore. I felt like I was right where I needed to be. That’s not to say I wouldn’t mind talking about taking the next step with BF, but for right now there’s no reason not to be grateful for being in a healthy and happy relationship where time is not our enemy.

And if the evening itself didn’t give me enough perspective, the next morning certainly did when I received a phone call at 6:45 AM. I won’t share what happened as a blog is just not the place, but I will say that BF walked away from an experience very lucky and we spent the entire day cuddled up with each other.

To me, 2012 was meant to be about doing more and crossing things off a list. But after this weekend, I’ve realized that this year can be about doing more but it should also be about appreciating what I already have and what I get to experience every day without traveling somewhere bizarre or reporting in on something crazy and off the wall.

So what did I do this weekend? I did do more. I loved more.

Small victories

I had a lot of frustration on Sunday and Monday after I found myself helpless and on crutches; but after I went in for a last minute appointment on Monday morning, the orthopedic specialist said I could put some weight on my bad leg and use 1 crutch. And just like that, things started to look up and my outlook was a bit cheerier. I at least had 1 hand to use and I wasn’t killing my shoulders and arms from the crutches.

So let’s celebrate together, because sometimes it’s nice to step back and appreciate the little things (which I clearly had forgotten):

  • Eating more than just cereal as a meal
  • Taking a shower in under 30 minutes
  • Getting out of the apartment, even if for a little bit
  • Having time to knit (and not feeling disgusted that it’s the only thing I can do)
  • Working effectively from my desk (with my leg elevated, of course)
  • Going to the gym and using the arm/cardio machines
  • Finding humor in my situation
  • Accepting the worst for what may come, but still hoping for the best
  • Winning the scheduling battle for an MRI & not having to wait a week
  • Letting go of some of my anger

And lastly…

  • Enjoying a well deserved chocolate treat (from dinner last night!)

Weekend review: Pain is temporary, right?

This past Saturday, I took my first trip in an ambulance after I twisted/sprained/strained/I don’t know what my knee. I was out playing Gaelic football and having a brilliant game with 2 blocks early in the first half and went to cut left…or was it right? Either way, I ended up on the ground in pain and then on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance. I’m really only smiling because it was my first time in an ambulance and I found the experience quite interesting. Plus, if you can’t laugh at yourself…I probably would have cried.

I’m now the proud owner of a pair of crutches and a knee immobilizer. Yay, me.

It’s been an interesting affair so far. And also frustrating…very frustrating. The ER could only tell me it wasn’t broken, so now I’m waiting to see if I can get in to see an orthopedic specialist today. There’s no swelling and the ER also said it wasn’t dislocated. Everyone who’s ever had a knee injury or knows someone that did (which is EVERYONE!) likes to tell me I’ve torn some ligaments or fucked up something royally. I’m trying to stay positive and tell myself it’s only a sprain and that this nonsense will only last 2 weeks. Afterall, NAGAA finals are only 3 weeks away. I HAVE to play!

Plus, I can’t handle being on crutches for too long. My arms hurt, my shoulders hurt, and everything is a challenge. In fact, I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet because I don’t possibly know how I’ll make eggs in a timely manner or even a cup of tea. It took me 10 minutes to transfer a can of soup from the pantry to the stove last night. I nearly broke down in tears this morning when my crutches knocked over everything in the shower as I was trying to swivel out. I’d already been in the bathroom for 45 minutes and now shit was scattered everywhere!  And as frustrating as it is to try and do stuff on my own, it’s just as frustrating that I’m having to do it on my own. People have offered but I just get the feeling I’m a major inconvenience and I hate that feeling as much as I hate being in this situation.

BF was great at the weekend and helped me, but he’s flat out at work so had to go back to Annapolis last night so he could go into the office early today. 1 roomie is MIA and the other was off to work this morning as I did my balancing act in the bathroom.

I guess this is what I get for saying I wanted a few quiet weekends. Looks like I got what I asked for and then some…

Tis Friday, of course…

Here’s some sweet tuneage from Imagine Dragons, my latest obsession. I saw them live at Firefly in July and their performance was top-notch. You might expect as much from a band that hails from the same city as The Killers.

You’ve probably heard their tune It’s time on the radio; but this song, Round and Round, will set you up perfectly for the weekend. Happy Friday!

DIY: link ball chain bracelet

After months of being on the waiting list, I finally got an official invite to WhimseyBox, a monthly subscription box service for crafts. I didn’t have to wait because it’s elite or pretentious; it’s just still in start up mode.

My first box arrived last week and I was excited to craft; particularly, because I’ve been in a DIY mood for a few weeks now. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I first opened the box (slightly based on the presentation of another subscription box I receive). But after I completed the craft and had materials left over to make 2-3 more bracelets, I decided there was just enough inside for a mini monthly project. Plus, the box itself is totally worthy of organizational projects (sturdy and has an area for labels). Not to mention, it was all delivered to my front door. Definitely worth $15 for a little craft treat each month.

So what was inside? 2 skeins of embroidery thread, chunky chain, ball link chain, and detailed instructions on how to assemble this fun & easy DIY bracelet.

Like any DIY, it’s really all about finding ways of crafting that work for you. Finding my groove with this project was a little frustrating, but once I did I flew through it. To get started, tie your thread on the end of your chunky chain. Next, weave it around the chunky chain and the ball chain pretty much placing the thread in between the spaces of the ball chain.

Keep going until you’ve made it back to the start point. The instructions left this part up to a bit of interpretation, but I basically did a little bit of overlap when it came to my ball chain. I also double knotted the remaining thread with the tail of my first double knot (so make sure you keep a bit sticking out!).

Next, take your remaining thread and cut 18 inch pieces. They suggested cutting 12 36 pieces, but I was afraid I was going to run out of thread if I kept cutting, so I shortened the end braids (this also worked because I made the actual bracelet longer).

Basically, just give yourself some thread to braid and make sure that when it’s on the chunky chain you just finished, that it goes all the way around your wrist. Loop half of your thread to one end and braid. Repeat on the other side.

After you’ve knotted your braids, just strap on your pretty new bracelet.VOILA!

I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with this craft. I’m not an overly ingenious DIY-er and probably wouldn’t have thought this up on my own, so thanks Whimseybox – can’t wait for next month’s box to arrive!

Following Atticus

I was watching Animal Planet awhile back and discovered Tom & Atticus during a special on Schnauzers (maybe on Dog 101?). I downloaded the book instantly, but I had to wait patiently to read it as I was already knee deep in other book club books. I recently finished it in between other books and as I’m sure anyone could tell you – it comes highly recommended. Who wouldn’t love an inspirational story of one man and his wee dog? A story that touches your heart and reaffirms that:

  1. It’s never too late to change
  2. Even if you’re small, you can still do something BIG!

Maybe I’m just a sucker for puppies. Maybe I’m a dreamer too. But I can’t help but smile every time I read an update from Tom & Atticus (yes, he keeps a regular blog too!). So without further ado, some quotes from this amazing story that will hopefully inspire you to read and follow Atticus.

But I’d like to think that if we can get our lives just right and become who we were always supposed to be – if we become the people we dreamed of being when we were young and pure and innocent, then and only then do we find our way home again. I don’t think many make it. There are just too many distractions and obstacles. Yet I’ve come to believe that the worst we can do is to give up looking for it.

But that’s the thing about adventures – you’re invited to take a chance without knowing the outcome, and all that matters is that you say yes.

And finally, my favorite quote:

Someone asked me once why I would hike, or at least finish my hike, at night, alone with Atticus on a mountain if I feared the dark, even the slightest bit. Good question. I guess I wanted to believe I was beyond such fears. But it’s also because much of what I do with Atticus in the mountains is about being more than I have been in the past. It was about wanting to be a better me, about spitting in the eye of the witch.


ps. Following Atticus bumped me to 10 out of 12 books read for 2012. So close 🙂


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