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Puppy cam!

Too cute not to share, plus I love that these little pups will one day become service dogs. Maybe one day, I’ll be lucky enough to work with pups for this very purpose.

Click here for 24 hour access to too much cute.


DIY: Photo canvases

I found this instagram art mini canvas tutorial on Whimseybox awhile back and have been waiting for the right moment to DIY. Today was the day.

A few weeks ago, BF lost his best friend who passed away suddenly. It’s never easy saying goodbye, but it’s especially hard when loved ones are so young. It’s been a very tough month and while it’s easy enough to put on a smile, I know BF is hurting…a lot. I know it because I went through the same roller coaster of emotions when I lost Alison 2 years ago. So I do my best to balance the ‘Let’s talk about it.’ moments with ‘Here’s a silly story.’ moments. But at the end of the day, the best moments…the healing moments are the times when you sit back to remember.

With that in mind, I set out to tackle this very simple DIY for BF’s birthday in a few weeks. I knew I wanted to print out these photos, but I just didn’t want to frame them. I wanted them to stand out and I hope this simple gift will bring more smiles than tears over the years.

All you need to get started is a paint brush, mod podge, mini canvases, and your photos.

Because my photos weren’t instagrams, I just cut them down to 4×4 images. I did it the easy way and put the canvas on the photo and marked the photo with a pen before cutting.

Next, brush the canvas with mod podge (as it serves as your glue) and place your photo on the canvas. Then seal your photo to the canvas by brushing more mod podge over the photo. The tutorial suggests you brush the mod podge on your photo from the center out in case you get any air bubbles, but that wasn’t a problem for me.

Your photo will be cloudy, but wait about an hour for the mod podge to dry and it will turn clear. When they are dry – display, enjoy, and remember!

As Alison always said, “The greatest love is the love between friends.”

Weekend review: Firefly Festival

I’ve been counting down to the past weekend since April when tickets for Firefly (touted as the East Coast’s premiere music festival) went on sale. I was mostly looking forward to seeing The Killers again, but the entire weekend was amazing. BF and I had a blast!

Tribal face paint was all the rage so we got into the groove when we snagged some blue paint while watching Walk the Moon.

OK GO set the weekend’s standard with some kick-ass confetti usage. Something about it just makes me smile.

Saturday was probably the best day ever with performances from Imagine Dragons, Michael Franti & Spearhead, and of course, THE KILLERS! I’ve seen The Killers 4 times now and as always, Brandon Flowers does NOT disappoint. 🙂

On Sunday, we were pretty knackered. So we did a lot of this…

…but we mustered enough energy to rock out with The Black Keys on the final night. All in all, a fantastic weekend and that’s one more 2012 goal crossed off the list!

My first vintage dress

Yesterday, my roomie and I went on an impromptu mini shopping spree. She told me about this new boutique in Old Town that she had discovered and it didn’t take much arm twisting for us to visit after work. While we were down that way, we also planned on going to one of our favorite vintage/consignment shop since we both conveniently had a gift certificate from Christmas.

The boutique was a success in itself and I walked away with 2 new items to live in my closet, but the vintage shop was the real star of the day.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at vintage dresses or read blogs where girls boast of their vintage hauls. I’ve always been a little jealous because every time I’ve tried one on or found one I adored – it just didn’t fit. Marilyn may have been curvy in the day, but a lot of the dresses out there in my area are for less curvy gals. Up until yesterday, I really only ever owned vintage inspired clothes (not counting a few goodies from my Mama).

We walked into the vintage/consignment shop and when I saw this little beauty hanging on the wall, I literally gasped.

The sales lady asked if I wanted to try it on and after looking at the price tag, I said no. I just couldn’t. But as I waited around for my roomie who was trying on a few items, I kept gravitating back to it. It was in nearly perfect condition and just my size. Who was I to argue with fate?

So there she is – my first truly vintage dress by Mr. Dino. A designer from Miami that got his start in the late 50’s. Yes, of course I googled him. I just love that his signature appears on the dress itself.

Weekend review: Gal pals

This past weekend, my friend Kat came to visit. I’ve known Kat since we were babies and when it comes to old friends, she falls in to that wonderful category without a doubt. Kat just got engaged so our weekend was filled with girly chatter and a definite random smattering of events, including the Derecho storm that hit the east coast on Friday.

The storm and the aftermath were honestly some of the weirdest (and scariest, because I’m a big chicken) things I’ve ever experienced. Transformers were exploding, it was raining sideways, lightening streaked through the sky, and of course…the power went out. So Kat and I got creative with our activities. We did a bit more driving than we intended for the weekend, but we managed to fit in some wedding dress shopping, a much needed sushi date, and of course a night out with the Irish.

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • View from the apartment at 11 pm while the Derecho storm was going nuts
  • Kat trying on her very FIRST dress at a shop in Old Town
  • Nomtastic sushi at my fave sushi bar
  • Kittay on the porch that wanted to say HAI and BAI to Kat as she was leaving. He was too kyoot not to share!

Kat is also an amazing photographer and has been honing her skills for quite sometime. She is good at what she does – so here’s a gratuitous picture of myself, taken by Kat. I feel pretty and I think that’s the best feeling you could ever have from seeing a photo of yourself.


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