Gravelly Point to Mount Vernon

This past weekend, I checked another item off my 2012 DC bucket list. I finally biked to Mount Vernon and back. Roomie and I started at Gravelly Point Park, located at the end of the runway for Regan National Airport and biked 14.5 miles to Mount Vernon via The Mount Vernon Trail.

Gravelly Point is best described as one of those hidden gems that even locals forget about from time to time. You can picnic, BBQ, run, bike, and more, but what makes it great is the air traffic from DCA because this is your view:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned traveler or someone that’s never been on a plane. There’s just something impressive about watching several tons of metal come barreling at you, only to lift off the ground at the last minute. I always watch. I always smile.

When roomie and I got to Mount Vernon we dismounted and had a look around to shake out the last uphill mile on the trail. Seriously, who’s idea was that? We thought about going in to the grounds and being all touristy, but decided against it since it was so crowded. We opted to chill out by the Potomac in the sun at a park we saw along the way.

21 miles down and 7.5 to go, we stopped at Bell Haven Park to relax and snack on a few noms.

Perhaps not my best idea since I haven’t biked or been to a spin class in a few months, but it was a gorgeous day and I’m excited I knocked another item off my list!

ps. In other related ‘Do more’ news, I finished 2 more books this month bringing the yearly total to 7! I’m well on my way and I’ve even started a new one already.



  crankypants wrote @

Wow! That is impressive. I’ve been taking spin classes weekly for a few months now and I doubt I could manage that! But it sounds like it’s fun and worth trying. I love that you have a DC list too. I don’t really have a specific list but I’ve been trying to get to a few more places around here this year. There is always so much in your own backyard you either don’t know about, forget about, or say, oh I can always go there, it’s so close, and you just never do it. Good for you.

  zigzagmags wrote @

Yeah – it was actually 7 or so miles past my comfort zone. Talk about saddle sore, but yes definitely worth it. The views were great on the trail.

That’s exactly why I have a DC list. I keep saying I’m going to do things and then never find the time. I know it’s silly having to make time, but otherwise I’ll just end up doing the same thing or sitting around doing nothing. It’s stupid not to take advantage of a place so many ppl pay tons of $$ to visit and see each year. Now, I just gotta knock out some of those museums!!

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