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Best & worst of NC

Sometimes I get really embarrassed about my home state, more specifically my hometown. I rant, I roll my eyes, and I’m often thankful to be living in a city where my most abnormal daily activities are viewed as normal.

My latest disappointment in North Carolina was the vote to pass Amendment 1 on May 8. It was a sad outcome, but the aftermath was interesting. President Obama publicly supported same-sex marriage, petitions to repeal Amendment 1 were started (and signed!), memes were shared, and sermons spilled out of the pulpits…most infamously that of Pastor Worley’s.

Pastor Worley isn’t the first controversial preacher to stand up in a box, but his church just so happens to be a stone’s throw from where I grew up. Without a doubt, I was extremely disappointed and was embarrassed by this video. Not only is Stacey ignorant, but we also went to the same high school.

As hard as that video is to watch, I hope you made it to Anderson Cooper’s retort about the Holocaust. *snerk*

Even though North Carolina hasn’t done a lot to redeem itself in the past, this past weekend they held a Love, not Hate protest at the county courts. A few of my friends still in the area went and showed their support and I couldn’t help but think…well done, North Carolina. Well done.



In my family, we’ve never been creative about naming our pets. Usually, the name is indicative of their floof or coloring and that’s why when all of Mama’s little birds left the nest, she got a pup and named him Sandi. But at some point over the years, I started calling him Rooney Toons. And lately, just Toons.

Toons is getting up there in age and he’s had a lot of pup problems, most noticeable is his skin condition due to Cushing’s disease. He’s not as shiny and floofy as he once was, but Mama has done a lot to keep him happy, out of pain/discomfort, and in a relative state of health. And no matter how stubborn he can be sometimes and even though he’s officially Mama’s dog, he’s still my Toons.

The same Toons that barks at all the deer in the front yard and would pee all over the floor just to show you he was mad. My Toons that would run down the hall to greet you in the morning, or ride in the back seat with his nose pressed against the window. And the same Toons that even after I moved away to Virginia, slept in front of my old room for at least a year.

I’ll always love Toons, but I look forward to the day (hopefully soon!) when I will have a pup of my own.

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Gravelly Point to Mount Vernon

This past weekend, I checked another item off my 2012 DC bucket list. I finally biked to Mount Vernon and back. Roomie and I started at Gravelly Point Park, located at the end of the runway for Regan National Airport and biked 14.5 miles to Mount Vernon via The Mount Vernon Trail.

Gravelly Point is best described as one of those hidden gems that even locals forget about from time to time. You can picnic, BBQ, run, bike, and more, but what makes it great is the air traffic from DCA because this is your view:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned traveler or someone that’s never been on a plane. There’s just something impressive about watching several tons of metal come barreling at you, only to lift off the ground at the last minute. I always watch. I always smile.

When roomie and I got to Mount Vernon we dismounted and had a look around to shake out the last uphill mile on the trail. Seriously, who’s idea was that? We thought about going in to the grounds and being all touristy, but decided against it since it was so crowded. We opted to chill out by the Potomac in the sun at a park we saw along the way.

21 miles down and 7.5 to go, we stopped at Bell Haven Park to relax and snack on a few noms.

Perhaps not my best idea since I haven’t biked or been to a spin class in a few months, but it was a gorgeous day and I’m excited I knocked another item off my list!

ps. In other related ‘Do more’ news, I finished 2 more books this month bringing the yearly total to 7! I’m well on my way and I’ve even started a new one already.

Weekend review: Seattle shenanigans

This past weekend, I went to Seattle with my good friend Andrea! It was a whirlwind mini-vacation filled to the absolute brim with fun and randomness. I don’t know where to start, simply because it was all amazing. I couldn’t possibly pin down a favorite moment, but I can certainly list my top 5! 🙂

1. The Space Needle – our first stop in Seattle was to the very top of this chunk of metal. Painted orange for the 50th anniversary, the view was spectacular!

2. Public Market Center – the fish were great smelly, but the shopping was better. I found a re-purposed leather cuff with a bit of fur on it. It was a unique find! Also, the doughnuts simply can not go unmentioned. We ate 12 between us. Don’t judge.

3. Walking…everywhere! One of the beautiful parts of Seattle is that it is so walkable. And everything feels so natural. You’re in the city, but you’re also surrounded by mountains, rainforests, and parks! So here’s a pic of a blue tree. Don’t ask, I’m not sure either.

4. Random finds – like Portland, Seattle has it’s quirks. You just have to know where to look. Check out the Fremont troll. I’m not sure, but it’s fun and random!

5. And finally, the main reason for my trip out there…The Color Run. It comes highly recommended. Laughter, smiles, running, and color everywhere!



…and the color festival at the end.

All in all…simply amazing. Well done, Seattle. You’ve really impressed me and I will be back!

Pre-flight tuneage

I know Robyn has been around awhile and for some reason I silently resisted liking her stuff or rather chose to ignore it. I don’t really know why, there was no reason. But I can’t ignore this awesome song – I may even download the single!

May’s reminder…

Sometimes I feel like I’ve slowed down a bit in my pursuit of an amazing 2012, but I look at my list and realize if anything…I’m right on track.

As of today, I’ve knocked the Parkway classic, White House tour, and Cherry Blossom festival off my list.

I’m also on track to complete the following goals:

  • Read 12 books (if you can believe it!!)
  • Complete dog training certification
  • Go to a music festival

And while I haven’t made great strides towards the remaining goals, they are still very possible!

Plus, I’m still doing lots of other amazing things that aren’t on my list. In fact, I’m off to Seattle tomorrow. Yay, #domore

Look Mom, I’m flying!

Last year, BF got me a flying lesson for my birthday. I had plans to use it in the fall when the leaves were changing but that just didn’t happen. So I decided to wait for Spring. I originally scheduled my flight for March 31, but each time I tried to fly the weather kept cancelling me out.

Finally, after 4 different tries to learn how to fly, yesterday was the day! I got to fly with Bob from Chesapeake Sport Pilot, located just over the Bay Bridge. It was a pretty good deal – he did all the hard stuff and I did all the fun stuff. Meaning, I got to fly the plane, but he did the take-off and landing! 🙂

Flying was pretty easy, to be honest. He said most planes can pretty much fly themselves these days, but of course when I went to do it, making the turns felt terrifying and down right death defying. So after I’d had my fun, I went back to happily observing and taking it all in. Burning it into my memory so I wouldn’t forget.

Oh, and course, I took a few pictures. So much fun!

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