It r mah birfday WEEK!

In case you haven’t spotted the countdown widget to the right, I’ll just go ahead and catch you up to speed. It’s my birthday in exactly 1 week, which means starting today…it R mah birfday WEEK!

I love to celebrate my birthday. It’s an amazing reminder of how lucky I am and I relish every moment, even that 2 day glow that comes after the big day.

This year, I’m celebrating all weekend long with a themed night out of Pub Golf on the Friday and a Snow Patrol concert on Saturday. Sunday will definitely be a day of rest and perhaps a delicious brunch.

I take the planning of my celebrations seriously. I plot out not only what I would love to do, but also what my friends would love to do and I plan. And by plan, I mean I set things into motion at least 2 months in advance. I know it seems overkill, but many of my friends are always busy and the only way to secure a time is to let them know at least 2 months in advance. So that’s what I did.

I specifically let 2 of my college friends know since they are notorious for making plans on top of plans. I knew it would potentially be a stretch for them to make it since I’m celebrating in Annapolis this year, instead of DC, but both were instantly down for it. I was excited. In fact, I was so excited that I have been talking about it with them for the past month!

Then, yesterday, both of them decide to bail (but only after I texted to ask something random). 1 sites money as her reason; the other sites ‘Easter weekend’ when in truth the second is bailing because the first did. How do I know that’s the truth? Because I stated it was Easter weekend when I first told them about the night out. Easter has been ruining my birthday for many years so I’m well aware of it. Sorry Jebus.

While I want to give out sympathy for the financial reasons, I just can’t. Not when you’ve known about it for 3 months. I also can’t  because next weekend she is flying to Vegas for a bachelorette party. I know those cost a lot of money, but my BIG night out is only 1 night. She even had free housing for the night, so not like I was forcing her into a hotel.

Anyways, needless to say…I am annoyed. Actually, I’m offended and have the exact opposite feeling I love and cherish about my birthday. I’m offended because I go to lengths to maintain friendships. To make sure they don’t just fizzle out when life seems to have us all running around like lunatics. And having both of them cancel for unvalidated reasons is an insult and just shows me that they don’t respect me.

I’m trying to let it go because I understand that I can’t control these sort of things, but I wish there was some way for me to tell them so they understood. However, I’m sure they think they aren’t wrong in their decisions so there’s really no way for us to see eye-to-eye. I’ll just choose to compartmentalize these feelings so they don’t ruin my birthday week. And by compartmentalize, I mean ignore texts and ridiculous excuses for the foreseeable future.

Of course, just as my anger was boiling to the top, I went to check the mail. And inside I found 2 lovely birthday cards from dear friends in England. And it magically wiped away my anger and I felt loved all over again. I felt appreciative of the genuine friends in my life and that no matter the distance, we’ll always be connected.

So I’m holding on to that feeling and dismissing the rest, not just for my birthday week, but for as long as I get to celebrate life, love, and friends.



  doranyc wrote @

I can’t blame you at all for your disappointment! But you sure are good at the attitude adjustments life requires sometimes! Good on you. Enjoy your week!! xxoo

  zigzagmags wrote @

thanks dora. i must admit, i felt a little disappointed all the way up until today actually. but at least i didn’t let it ruin my week or the night out. had a brilliant time with friends! xoxo

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