If I had $640 million…

I just bought my first ever lottery ticket. I couldn’t help myself. It’s lottery mania here in the DMV; plus, Conor and I did the math last night and worked it out to a $31,000 WEEKLY allowance for the next 25 years if we won the jackpot (AFTER taxes).

So I figured it couldn’t hurt to waste spend $5. I did the easy pick since I had no idea what I was doing. Plus, I don’t have lucky numbers…at least not yet.

Of course, then I got to thinking. What would I even buy/do with $640 million?

The once-in-a-lifetime stuff

  • Make a calendar of festivals and travel the world based on that schedule
  • Open my own puppy play world
  • SHOP
  • Live a year off of Groupon/LivingSocial deals…just for fun
  • Travel every state (with Cesar in tow, of course)
  • Open a boutique
  • Quit working and continue my education, but in fun things like make up artist or hair stylist or wood shop extraordinaire!

The logical stuff

  • Pay off my college loans
  • Invest/Save 75% of it
  • Buy a not-so crappy car
  • Buy real estate in the city
  • SHOP

The day to day stuff

  • Hire a cleaning staff
  • Hire a personal chef
  • Buy a yellow Vespa
  • SHOP
  • Buy/build a walk-in closet and organize the shit out of it
  • Create a mini green house where I can grow veggies year round
  • Have my own sewing and craft room and sell crap on Etsy. I mean, I’d sell millionaire crap on Etsy.

And somewhere in the middle of all that, I’d make sure I was happy. That my friends and family were happy. I’d keep it simple…just with a lot more money!

But in the likely event that I don’t win a single dime, I’ll just be content that I played and donated $5 to VA public education.


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