Southern rules abide

In 2003, when my eldest sister brought home her fiance, Mama made them sleep in separate beds. They weren’t married yet, so not under her roof.

2 years later when my middle sister brought home her fiance, Mama allowed them to sleep in the same bed/room citing that there wasn’t enough room in the house to separate them.

She later confessed that it wasn’t a big deal since middle sis and her now hubby had already been living together prior to the visit.

Eldest sister was miffed that she had to abide by Southern rules, but that Mama had somehow been swayed (likely by his English charm and/or accent).

In June, BF and I are going to NC for eldest sister’s babies birthday party. Did that come out right? She has 2 kids – they’re having a joint birthday party/family get together. Clear? Ok!

This will be the first time BF meets all the family, Dad included (he’s met Mama before several times when she visits DC).

As I was sorting out the details on the phone with big sis I asked if they would have room in their house to accommodate us and she said they would figure something out. She mentioned a blow up mattress which I said was fine. She later called back to confirm they would have room and then made sure to say that because BF and I were not married, we would not be allowed to stay in the same room/bed.

Can’t say I’m overly surprised to hear her say this, but I honestly thought since we were adults now, it wasn’t a big deal. Either Southern rules still abide or it’s payback to make sure I’m not let off the hook like middle sister.

I understand big sis has children in the house, but I can guarantee our behavior as a couple would in no way negatively influence them. Get what I’m saying?

Suppose I really think it’s funny as Mama has no illusions about me and BF. I also know (for a fact) she wouldn’t enforce this rule at her house. Maybe us liberal women still scare some of the ‘bless her heart’ ladies of North Carolina.



  crankypants wrote @

Oh goodness. My mom did this in the early 90s when my sisters and their BFs would come to her shore house for the weekend. Even after one of them got married! I really can’t believe your SISTER is pulling this nonsense! I mean seriously. You should just have sex in the kitchen after everyone has gone to bed. For spite.

  zigzagmags wrote @

haha! i would but that cats might watch and that would just freak me out. it all does seem a bit ridiculous to be honest, but i have a feeling she was influenced by her hubby. i get that it’s her house, her rules but i’m also not 19! i said to conor and he said it was fine, but he did just kind of laugh at it as well.

can’t believe your mom enforced that rule after your sister was married!

  zigzagmags wrote @

an update from my mom: i said to her this past weekend what my sis had said and she pretty much confirmed it was likely the hubby. she also said they pulled the same thing on my other sis and her husband…except they were engaged at the time. still silly if you ask me!

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