Peek inside…

As part of my ‘Do More’ Campaign, I’ve decided to enter Jessica Quirk’s What I Wore Winter Remix Challenge. Normally, I probably would have thought it a fun idea but never actually submit anything. However, this year, I’m doing more. So as Barney Stinson would say…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! [high five]

So I’ve entered my photos, but that’s not what I want to share with you! Rather than looking at a gratuitous photo of me, I thought I’d share my stair-step book shelf (made by dad!) and some of the fun things I’ve collected over the years.

1. Painting from Bali (2005). Lucky I even got it through Australian customs since the frame is made of wood.

2. Hand carved wood figure from Bali (2005) and paper/wooden lamp from Thailand (2006).

3. Me & BF on the left; Me and Izzy on the right when we were munchkins.

4. Card box with a big book on top. What’s that big book? Oh it’s my reading for Animal Behavior College. I’m working on my Dog Training Certification!

5. Mayan protector for health and happiness (2012), Spanish vase (2004), vase from Belize (2008?), and a photo of my grandparents.

6. Collection of scarves from at least 4 different countries (2004 til ?).

7. More pictures of me & BF but more importantly my hookah from Istanbul (2010).

8. Baby Maggie…awwwww (1984 heh)

9. Growler from Motor City Brewery (2009) full of coins.

10. Books (yeah, yeah) and Mr. Plant, the plant I got when I first moved to DC and the longest living plant I’ve ever owned (2008).

11. Voodoo wishing stick from New Orleans (2010) and a drumstick from The Killers (not visible in picture).

12. Yes, a fan, but also all the magazines I’ve acquired through previously mentioned deals!

13. Jewelry box, nothing fancy. I think I got it at TJMaxx (2004).

14. Travel books and a Spanish/English dictionary – assuming I ever actually learn Spanish.

15. That’s me, duh!




  doranyc wrote @

Screw the shelf! HUBBA HUBBA!! Lookin’ good, baby doll.

  zigzagmags wrote @

haha! thanks 🙂

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