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1 down, 6 to go…

Earlier this month, I took a little trip to Cancun with the BF. Even though we were in Cancun and drank our fair share of fruity drinks, we also managed to do some cultural activities – you know, the kind that would make Mama proud.

We hopped on a tour bus and headed out to Chichen Itza, 1 of the 7 new wonders of the world. Not to be confused with the 7 wonders of world…these are new. If any readers are a fan of An Idiot Abroad, Karl Pilkington toured all of these in season 1. Needless to say, I was a little excited to be where Karl had been! And if you’re not a fan or have never seen the show, shame on you and here’s a handy list of all 7 wonders.

Assuming the Mayan prophecy is false and the world doesn’t end December 21, 2012. I plan on seeing the other 6! The World Cup is in Rio in 2014 – BF and I could easily knock out 2 in one go with a little stint down to Peru. Sounds like a plan!


Somebody that I used to know…

I’ve been hearing Gotye on satellite radio for a few months now, but none of their songs really got caught in my head. However, this one seems to be popping up everywhere lately.

And close on it’s viewing heels is this cover from Walk Off The Earth. I don’t know which one I like more. I prefer acoustics and I’m impressed by the strong vocals, but both are view worthy.

ps. TFIF. How long has this week been?

Kardashian confessions

Confession: I love the Kardashian clan. I watch their realty TV show(s). I follow their gossip (thanks US weekly). I even get into conversations based solely on the activities of their daily lives with colleagues. Stop judging me.

In truth, I’m not really big on reality TV, it’s just that I admire the empire they’ve managed to build. Yes, KimK made it big off a sex tape and the whole family is beyond high maintenance (yes, even little Mason), but they took nothing and turned it into something. And for that reason, I flock to all things Kardashian like kids flock to a piece of dirt and hair covered candy on the floor.

One of the latest Kardashian ventures has been a clothing line at Sears, even recently launching a second round of styles. For someone who loves fashion and loves the Kardashians, I was a little excited. I even went into Sears just to see the Kollection first hand. I texted friends who would share in my excitement, but after I saw the double K sign, it all faded. I admit, it was fun to see styles that represented each of the sisters and I could tell which item was “definitely Kim” or “soooo Kourtney”, but I was surprised at the lack of wearable styles that these divas had created and put on sale.

Just like every runway model doesn’t represent the average girl, the Kardashians don’t rep every Jenny from the block, but their clothing line would suggest otherwise. We may have hips, but we don’t have the ass to support it. We may love maxi dresses, but that design isn’t fooling anybody. And more importantly, we may love pirates, but that doesn’t mean we want to dress like one…

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I wouldn’t normally point fingers at individual sisters, but Khloe we all know Exhibit B was your doing.


DIY: 1953 sewing stool cushion

This past Christmas, I went home to spend some time with mama and to also spend some time cleaning out a few closets – donating goodies, throwing away trash, and packing up things I definitely wanted to keep. Note that when I say trash – I don’t mean old cookie boxes amongst a pile of used Kleenexes, I mean all those research papers or cards I thought I’d want to keep forever. Turns out, it was all indeed trash.

After I got through the bulk of things, I started going through items I had deemed collectible a few years ago, before I moved into an apartment and really understood the value of space. Among those boxes, I found a lot of classic 90’s toys, knick-knacks, photos, and pieces that had been passed down to me from my grandma.

One of my favorite discoveries was my grandma’s 1953 sewing table with a built in Singer sewing machine.

Mama had taken great care of it over the years and it was in perfect working condition. She even had the wiring updated a few years back. All that was needed was a little TLC for the wooden desk and it was in tip-top shape…except for the cushion on the stool that was dated with dirt, dust, and other things you pick-up after 59 years.

So, I decided to DIY it up since the cushion was removable (and revealed a small storage space for zippers, buttons, etc). Mama and I headed to the fabric store, picked up new vinyl (that we got on sale in the scrap pile), a heavy-duty staple gun, and a bit of foam for added cushioning. In total, it cost me about $20.

Next, I set to ridding the stool top of 59 years of gross. Using a flat head screw driver and pliers, I took out all the old staples.

It took a bit of effort, but I was finally able to separate the old vinyl and foam from the wooden base.

I wiped off the fuzzies and before I threw out the old cushion, I used it as a template to measure my new foam. I then measured out my new vinyl using my new foam cut-out, giving myself a good 3-4 extra inches on all sides…just in case. I was then ready to apply it to the board.

Of course, I tried to do this part myself but it proved too difficult to pull the vinyl tight enough and to staple effectively so I enlisted mama for a bit of help. She pulled and I stapled starting with one side and then going to the opposite side until we had all four sides set. To eliminate bulk, mama suggested I miter the corners. Being new to the sewing/quilting world she had to show me, but it’s basically like folding from both sides under towards the middle like when you make an paper airplane. That probably made no sense, so you’re better off googling it! Anyways, we mitered the corners and voila…

Since I had given myself so much wiggle room in my vinyl, I had a bit of excess. But nothing a pair of scissors couldn’t handle!

So without further ado, my DIY updated vinyl upholstered sewing stool…ta-daaaaah!


A lot of people define life’s regrets as ‘could of, should of, would of’. But what about ‘shouldn’t have’?

Last night, at 3:30AM, I was startled from a dream that felt so real it seemed more like a premonition and it kept me awake for the rest of the morning as I laid there thinking…

‘Maybe I shouldn’t have said [blank] to [blank] 6 years ago’

Maybe it’s that time of the year with resolutions flying about that everyone feels the need to start over or maybe somewhere deep in my soul, I really do regret past actions, but why are they popping up now? And how do I deal?

The worst part about my regrettable feelings are that a.) I still think they were justified in the situation and b.) knowing that I had hurt someone else, I apologized 2 years ago for my actions for the simple fact that sometimes it’s better to make amends than to be right.

Is my conscious creeping up on me because I still think I was right? Maybe so, but in my defense and to give you more context I was working for an acquaintance’s parents and after hours (20+) of design and writing work had been completed – they simply rendered my help unwanted without compensation. Old Mags would have let it be, would have allowed someone to walk all over me. But new Mags, just coming into her adulthood, didn’t let it be and I wrote a letter to the parents telling them I felt their actions were rude and disrespectful. The acquaintance let me know that they were ‘disappointed in me’ and that I wasn’t the same.

I let it all go, determined to wipe it from my slate, but in the end he was right. I wasn’t the same. I was growing up and trying to become a strong, independent professional. But all of this still haunted me and apparently still haunts me as this acquaintance was friends with some of my friends and I feared he would spoil my relationship with them.

I know I shouldn’t obsess about what people think and if someone generates an opinion of me based on anything but my character, then they probably aren’t worth my time. But I do obsess and I do fear. What if all my friends from that point in my life are lost because of one action in an effort to defend myself…to not be taken advantage of?

It’s times like these I wish ‘I’m sorry’ was worth a little more.


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