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DIY Tuesday

I wasn’t much in the mood to put in some time at the gym yesterday afternoon, but I was motivated to be creative. For those who follow my tumblr, you know that I dyed my hair purple – which just proves the age old adage that if you want something done right, you might as well do it yourself.

For those not aware of my hair dying saga – this was the 3rd attempt. I’d say I’m 85% happy with how it turned out. Closer than what the hair dresser accomplished & for a fraction of the cost. The other 15% will come when it settles down a bit and isn’t so in-your-face-purple. While one DIY would have been enough to call the evening productive, I knocked out a second mini-project.

I’ve had my eye on decorative wall ‘flutters’ for quite some time, but always procrastinated on buying them, until I spotted them in Bed Bath & Beyond. I knew exactly what I wanted and what I wanted to do.

My goal was to fill the space on the left side of the over-hanging Chinese lantern. Something fun, girly, and semi-atypical. Here is the before shot of the bare wall:

I didn’t like the original silvery/metallic color, so I painted them ‘Blackberry wine’ which was in the same color family as my wall color.

And then just like magic, I attached them to the wall. Simple, effective, and fills the space just as I had imagined.


When I grow up…

“You don’t want to look crazy…”

My next birthday is just over 2 weeks away and the only good part about growing old is that these ladies give me something to look forward to. I dig it…

Like Where’s Waldo, but cuter…

Passed around the office today: 14 amazing camouflaged animals

Here’s my favorite…

DIY: hex nut bracelet

My creativity hormones are through the roof lately. Not only have I asked Mama Mags to help me learn how to sew (we’re making a skirt tomorrow, pictures to follow), but I’ve been inspired to take on a few other DIY projects. I first found this one, a hex nut bracelet, on ModCloth, but the original project idea is from Honestly…WTF.

The hard part wasn’t making the bracelet, that was all quite easy. The hard part was finding all the materials. Would you believe my local craft store didn’t carry twine and the only kind I had found was green for floral arrangements? Luckily, Mama Mags had twine on hand and brought it with her when she came to visit this weekend.

So, after a quick trip to the hardware store for some brass hex nuts, I now have my own ‘hard-wear’ bracelet. I’m quite proud. Next up sewing, after that…the world!

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Maggie learns to cook – part 1

It is a well known fact that I am the worst cook in my apartment. If it involves more than 3 ingredients or takes more than 20 minutes, why bother? Salads are exempt, of course, but anything else…not happening.

It is also a well known fact that one of my roommates and I set goals. Lots of them (see 2011 goals), but each month we also set mini goals. In February, Jenna vowed to take the stairs, no matter what. Quite the feat considering we live on the 10th floor. I admired from afar the elevator and thought about a mini goal for myself.

March’s mini goal: be a better cook.

I started this week with the decision to cook a nice meal on Friday evening – a starter & a main…at least. At least! Looking up good recipes isn’t hard. Any bad cook with internet can do that. The hard part is finding recipes that are relatively easy to make, include normal ingredients, and are healthy. So I turned to where you can enter the ingredients you have in your kitchen and recipes are pulled accordingly.

Here is the menu that resulted:

Mini caprese salad with a basalmic vinegar & mustard grain sauce

Grilled chicken & peach kabobs with pepper/peach puree sauce

….and without further ado, the final plated meal of kabobs, served with couscous & topped with puree sauce!

Does anyone have any other recipes I can try? If so, let me know! NOM, NOM, NOM…

Not your average hair dye

Hair dyeI’ve been trying to color block my hair for at least a month now. After 2 failed attempts, I thought I might try an at-home remedy. I perused the aisles of CVS but wasn’t fond of the color purple they had for sale, so I thought, ‘What better place to look than the interwebs?’ Here is the play-by-play of my musings and the LOLZ that resulted…

Lunch break…yay, interwebs time.
Visit Google.
Search ‘purple hair color kit’.
1st search result…CVS hair coloring *not impressed, again*.
Scrolls down.
Oh Amazon, surely I’ll find something there.
Quickly reads overlooks title, more focused on color.
Clicks through to original site.
Reads title again: ‘Sexy (Purple) Betty Pubic Hair Dye Kit’
Only processes ‘Sexy (Purple) Betty Hair Dye Kit’
Glancing over page…why have they called it ‘PubLic’ hair dye

*light bulb comes on*


Talk about matching the carpet to the curtains. Go on, you know you want to…get yours here. Just let me know how it turns out (no pictures, please).


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